The Network Requirements Every Integrator Should Be Providing Clients

Published: 2016-12-14

Just as AV professionals are put behind the 8-ball when communication lags, it’s the same with IT professionals preparing their networks for new technologies.

It’s important that integrators provide network requirements to their clients’ IT departments, and make sure those requirements are very clear.

Mark L. Peterson from Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC says providing a network diagram is a great start when communicating network requirements to IT directors.

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“Illustrate what the design is and what is expected,” says Peterson. “This is all about workflow. It’s particularly important when you’re talking about linear editing and other things where there are massive files that have to be captured that may not sit on the general network. The network people aren’t looking at this from a workflow perspective.  You’ll have to socialize that with the operational and support teams so everyone understands how they’re going to get into the network and how they’re going to access the different services.”

AV integrators also have to communicate the Wi-Fi requirements, security methods, database service requirements and web service requirements to their clients’ IT departments, but that’s not all.

Watch the video below to learn all of the requirements Peterson says integrators need to communicate to IT professionals.


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