Top 5 Worship Market Integrators of 2015

Published: August 3, 2015

Flexibility is often the key to a successful house of worship (HOW) integration. It’s a lesson the team at Technical Innovation has learned many times over the years, especially during their dealings with 12Stone Church since they became the church’s exclusive technology provider in 2007.

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So it wasn’t a major surprise when 12Stone Church officials told TI Broadcast Solutions Group president Michael Wright and his Blue Hat Design division of TI they wanted to connect all four campuses and 30,000 weekly attendees at more than 20 worship services every weekend within 60 days.

“It was a massive operational challenge, but we’re used to being thrown challenges,” says Wright. “If you’ve got a good team of sharp people, you can handle when the client makes changes.”

TI’s solution ended up winning a 2015 CI Integration Award for Best Worship Project, in part because of the team’s flexibility and innovation.

“We’re not huge fans of and don’t do a lot of copy-and-paste projects,” says Wright. “We prefer to stay fresh.”

12Stone is already planning to open five more campuses in rental spaces using flypacks by the first quarter of 2015, and church officials are eager to see how TI handles this next challenge.

“It’s a huge compliment when any company gives you repeat or referral business, and that’s where about three-quarters of our work comes from,” says Wright.

What Else is Behind HOW Success?

“Our processes are well-documented and followed to increase the likelihood of success.” —Mike Landrum, CEO, Technical Innovation

“We have focused on being able to execute after the sale and keep our promises for quality, timeliness and cost.” —Jim Ford, president, Ford Audio-Video

“We work the HOW market hard, speak their language, ask what they need and want, have dedicated sales guys for that market and start upstream with the architect and urban planners designing their new space.” —Ben Mankin, president, Mankin Media

“Estimating labor, job costing, pipeline activities, expense management, etc., are all thoroughly analyzed and allow our company to steadily manage.” —Timothy Czyzak, president, iVideo Technologies

“We’ve been able to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry by thinking outside of the box. We’ve been able to bridge the gap between what’s normally found in many public and corporate places and provide them to the HOW market where they aren’t always thought of due to the traditional basic solutions normally found in the HOW market.” —Matt Scott, president, OMEGA Audio Video

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