Introducing VIP Peer-to-Peer Networking Groups from Total Tech Summit

Published: 2020-10-08

We know that one of the best parts of Total Tech Summit is the networking and this year, sadly we will not be able to do that in person. Through those group discussions, you share ideas with other integrators and problem solve some of your biggest headaches. We would hate to not be able to offer those this year, so we created the Total Tech Summit VIP Peer-to-Peer Networking Groups.

These year-long group conversations will take place each month and will be guided by the CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, and Security Sales & Integration editorial staff. Each group will be custom-created so that you are placed in a group with peers who can help your business grow.

“When you are a more experienced integration company, peer-to-peer networking is the name of the game in terms of advancing your business,” says Jason Knott, Chief Content Officer at CE Pro.

“That is why I am so excited to be kicking off our Networking Groups. The information shared among the participants’ issues related to HR concerns, productivity, software, rates, profitability, sales, showroom operation, employee management, training, hiring, new products, and technology can be the difference-makers in profit and revenue. Plus, we plan to do it in a fast-paced, relaxed environment with a minimal time commitment.”

On top of having the ability to meet once a month with an elite group of integrators like yourself, our group members will be able to connect with each other all year long through a dedicated chat forum.

Through this chat, you can get questions answered, find solutions to a challenge you are facing, or even coordinate a meet-up at another industry event.

Our new chat forums are created specifically and individually for your VIP networking group, but just in case you want to connect with other Total Tech Summit guests, you can via direct message or general forum groups within your Summit vertical.

Even though we can’t meet face-to-face this year, we wanted to bring the best part of Total Tech Summit to life and in doing so, creating a way to stay connected all year long. We are living through difficult times and staying connected to the industry is often a challenge.

The Total Tech Summit VIP Peer-to-Peer Networking groups help you build a business that lasts by linking you to extraordinary integrators like yourself through monthly meet-ups and year-long chat forums.

To join these elite groups, you can apply at We hope to see you there!

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