TRU-Vu 24-inch Waterproof, Sunlight Readable LCD Is Ready for Spring

Published: March 20, 2018
TRU-Vu 24-inch waterproof, sunlight readable LCD monitor SRMW-24 Series.

After a long and often-brutal winter for many, it’s spring. That means outdoor AV applications. So good timing for the release of the TRU-Vu 24-inch waterproof, sunlight readable LCD monitor. [related]

Tru-Vu Monitors is a supplier of industrial-grade LCD monitors and touch screens. It says its new waterproof sunlight readable LCD display designed to operate in direct, bright sunlight, or in other high ambient light conditions.

According to the manufacturer, the new SRMW-24 Series monitors feature 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, and 1000 nits of brightness, producing bright, crystal-clear images, even with direct, bright sunlight on the face of the screen.

The NEMA 4X fully waterproof stainless steel enclosure ensures that the monitor will withstand rain, snow, sleet, seawater, etc. Operating temperature is -4 degrees to +158 degrees F.

It adds that anti-Reflective glass improves image quality and protects the screen from damage.

More from Tru-Vu’s press realease on its SRMW-24 Series:

The SRMW-24 Series monitors feature an ambient light sensor, which adjusts the screen brightness automatically, depending upon ambient light conditions. The Auto Re-Start after power loss function ensures the monitor automatically resumes operation after power is restored, without the need for any operator action.

The monitors can be customized to your specific needs from a wide range of available options, and are backed by our full 3 Year Warranty.

The new SRMW-24 Series monitors are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial manufacturing, law enforcement, aviation, marine, military, inspection, outdoor digital signage, kiosks, bus/train stations and platforms, and sports/entertainment applications where view-ability in direct bright sunlight is crucial.

This season, SRMW-24 Series monitors will be used on the sidelines of every MLS soccer stadium in North America, as part of their new V.A.R. (Virtual Assistant Referee) instant-replay system.

Learn more about the SRMW-24 Series here.

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