Userful Launches Virtual Display Solution for Emergency Operations Centers

Published: 2020-04-17

Userful recently announced a new offering for its Visual Networking Platform that allows emergency operations center staff to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak. [related]

Userful’s Virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC) supports remote workers and allows cross-site and cross-departmental collaboration with a virtual video wall that is capable of sharing secure data, KPIs and other critical visual information sources in real time onto any display.

“Organizations that need to share visual information sources for real-time situational awareness and decision-making no longer need to gather in the same room,” the Userful announcement says.

“Instead, they can deploy a virtual video wall solution, available on any screen allowing close collaboration without close physical contact,” according to the company announcement.

“During this time of crisis, new response teams are forming overnight and organizations on the front lines of the pandemic are adapting to new ways of working without physical contact,” according to the Userful announcement.

“These teams and individuals still need to share real time secure information sources. Userful makes that possible with its virtual display solution for emergency operation centers, which is part of Userful’s complete Visual Networking Platform” the announcement says.

Emergency Operations

How Userful Supports Emergency Operations

Userful’s software platform “enables rapid deployment using a commercially available, off-the-shelf PC or server placed on-site,” the company announcement says.

“This server acts as a gateway for operators to access content sources they need from any location without violating privacy and security measures related to keeping access limited to inside the LAN,” according to the Userful announcement.

“Operators can remotely view and interact with any content source from HDMI inputs to IP cameras, dashboards and local desktops,” the announcement says.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created the need for organizations to ensure accessibility to sensitive and secure critical visual information sources,” said Userful CEO John Marshall in the company announcement.

“To support the needs of essential workers, Userful is offering this solution free for the next six months both to first responders and healthcare organizations as our small part in alleviating this crisis,” he said.

Userful has also committed to donate a portion of all proceeds generated during the current coronavirus epidemic to international support agencies battling COVID-19.

For healthcare organizations and first responders that wish to use the solution free for six months, email

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