Userful Taps NVIDIA GPUs To Enhance New Infinity Platform

Published: May 8, 2023

Userful, the San Roman, Calif-based, provider of solutions for enterprise operations, announced it will utilize the capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs to improve the performance and functionality of its new Infinity Platform.

The Infinity Platform combines AV enterprise services with machine learning, computer vision and advanced computing. The platform is capable of handling a wide range of applications, from advanced data analytics and AI-driven insights to control room operations, digital signage, immersive experiences, videowalls, and local and remote operator consoles. By collaborating with NVIDIA, Userful says it plans to take the Infinity Platform to the next level, giving users even more power, flexibility and performance.

Userful’s collaboration with NVIDIA will involve aligning NVIDIA’s products for GPUs with Userful’s future platform roadmap. This will result in a more powerful and comprehensive solution that can handle even the most complex AV and data processing tasks. Using NVIDIA GPUs, the Userful Infinity Platform will be able to deliver real-time and proactive insights and help businesses improve their operational efficiency and productivity.

The Infinity Platform will soon be available to customers worldwide, and the collaboration with NVIDIA is a significant step towards creating a platform that can deliver real value to businesses across the globe. By combining Userful’s expertise in enterprise AV and videowall systems with NVIDIA GPUs, the company’s says its work is aimed at revolutionizing the way businesses approach AV, data processing and decision-making.

“Userful is excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to enhance our Infinity Platform,” says John Marshall, CEO of Userful. “Our efforts will enable Infinity to provide customers with an advanced, scalable, and versatile platform that can process and analyze data in real-time. It’s a significant milestone for Userful as we continue to expand our platform capabilities and offer businesses an innovative and cutting-edge solution for enhancing their AV and decision-making processes.”

Userful’s collaboration with NVIDIA is a testament to the power of innovation, and paves a potential path to revolutionize the use of AV within IT for a brighter future, says the company.

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