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Utelogy to Highlight Technology, Platform Innovations at ISE Show

Utelogy, prepping for ISE, is achieving rapid company growth driven by advancements in High Availability, U-Manage Analytic Tiles and more.

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Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Utelogy Corp. is gearing up for the ISE Show in 2022. The company provides management, monitoring and analytics software for the connected workspace. Utelogy is coming off consecutive years of significant increases in year-over-year revenues and bookings of more than 270%. The company is in the midst of an international expansion. Utelogy has recently published several product releases that will be featured at ISE. These include High Availability, U-Manage Analytic Tiles, Microsoft Teams Integration and enhanced cybersecurity measures.

The Utelogy Utelligence Program

The company will highlight its Utelligence program for industry standards around security and agnosticism. In addition, it will underline its “Utelogy beyond the conference room” initiative. This program integrates its platform with other elements of the workplace, such as booking systems for deeper analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and BYOD, to support the ever-growing hybrid workforce.

“Utelogy is responding to the needs of an increasingly connected and technology-reliant global workspace,” Kevin Morrison, Utelogy CEO, says. According to Morrison, the company is doing so by delivering economical solutions that elevate user experiences through insights and analytics. “We are also continually growing our global partner network to meet the evolving demands of our enterprise customers,” he adds.

Morrison describes Utelogy’s vision as being to provide a toolset that delivers actionable intelligence for businesses. Key exploration areas include their technology usage, its performance and workplace utilization. This data can then be used to make better and more informed decisions.

In 2022, Utelogy will add features to its platform. As a result, customers can take an even deeper dive into how they visualize and use their data. “Focusing on the voice of the customer has given us the ability to grow Utelogy more than 270% from 2020 to 2021,” Morrison enthuses. “This falls in line with the recent AV Service Management trends report by Futuresource that predicts a 400% growth rate in the next four years.”

Sophisticated Collaborative Spaces

Remote and hybrid workspaces are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. Enterprises are transforming their pre-pandemic office spaces into sophisticated collaboration environments. These often include enhanced videoconferencing, teamwork areas, dedicated meeting spaces and large event spaces. The management of these new rooms and systems is shifting from AV-based to IT-focused. Thus, there is an emphasis on networked systems offering performance, quality and easy collaboration. Basically, the idea is a first-class employee experience, regardless of whether work is in-office or at-home.

“Organizations are looking for the right toolset of technology and services,” Jonathan Mangnall, managing director, EMEA, Utelogy, observes. According to Mangnall, the Utelogy platform turns the support model from reactive to proactive. This, Mangnall continues, “[resonates] with companies that are more geographically dispersed than ever and focused on the employee experience.”

Utelogy is seeing a shift away from a traditional product “break/fix” approach. Now, there is an “intelligent and automated” methodology that considers the Total Experience (TX). Managed services models are starting to offer comprehensive solutions combining AV devices, software and proactive customer support. These changes occurring in the global workspace require support organizations to adapt their logistical operations, as well as their business mindset. Although this presents challenges, it also reveals significant growth opportunities.

Utelogy will be at Booth #2C420 in the Unified Communication and Education hall at ISE.

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