Versatile KanexPro FLEX-MMX12 Matrix Configures Easily to Provide Installation Flexibility

Published: 2016-06-01

Versatility and flexibility are two words that are often overused in the world of electronics when describing the attributes of products. In the case of KanexPro‘s new FLEX-MMX12 matrix switch however, those words succinctly describe the capabilities of the company’s latest component.

The matrix’s versatility is facilitated through the products modular card cage design that utilizes 12 adaptable PCIe slots to enable dealers to configure the product based on each client’s need for VGA, DVI, HDMI and HDBaseT inputs and outputs.

KanexPro says this configuration versatility allows dealers to setup matrix solutions anywhere from 11×1, 6×4, and 4×8, to 8×4 and 1×11 and every combination in between those specifications.

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Beyond the FLEX-MMX12’s configuration options, the matrix also provides state-of-the-art EDID and HDCP management to support its compatibility with formats such as 4K, 1080p and WUXGA and 10 global presets that provide user and dealer convenience.

KanexPro says that dealers can deploy the FLEX-MMX12 in environments that include command and control centers, simulation centers, conference rooms and other settings in which users require a multitude of media on a moment’s notice.

Augmenting the matrix’s flexibility on the control side of the equation, the FLEX-MMX12 features front-panels controls, as well as IR, RS-232 and TCP/IP to allow dealers to use the format of their choice, and to further support dealers, the matrix also incorporates a web-based GUI for quick access its web-based functions.

The company adds that firmware updates are performed via its USB port and that it backs the matrix with a three-year warranty.

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