Video Weekly News: Commoditization of AV, Verrex’s Accidental Global Strategy

Published: 2015-11-05

Do manufacturers need to step up their support of integrators?

This is a question editor Tom LeBlanc and NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson tackled in a panel discussion, “Combating Commoditization of the Industry,” during a recent NSCA Integration Business Survival Conference & Technology Showcase in Annapolis, Md.

Read about the panel discussion to find out what happens when you put a bunch of AV integration industry folks in a room, ask them about the commoditization of their industry, and stand back.

Also worth checking out from last week, CI learned about Verrex Corporation’s extensive (and somewhat accidental) global strategy and just how many frequent flyer miles this integrator is racking up on its neverending world tour.

Hear about all this and more from Tom LeBlanc in this Video Weekly News.

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