Why Contemporary Research Says Its New Modulator-IPTV Encoder Is Ideal for Churches

Published: 2016-02-10

Contemporary Research, which been spent the last several months introducing its new-generation QMOD HDTV Modulator-IPTV Encoders to the world, unveils its newest QMOD offering just in time for ISE 2016.

The new QMOD-SDI HDMI Modulator-IPTV Encoder is a good fit for houses of worship, according to Contemporary Research, because it combines an SDI input for live sanctuary video and an HDMI input for digital signage. So it allows small- to medium-sized facilities to support both applications with one HDTV modulator.

More from Contemporary Research’s press release:

The QMOD-SDI HDMI has dual encoders to process two MPEG video streams, each supported by a hardware scaler that can accept and format virtually all video between 1080p and 480i in NTSC, VGA, and PAL standards. Audio can be embedded, or fed separately to digital SPIDF or analog stereo inputs. Two NTSC inputs support composite video or video with closed captioning data.


The new QMODs are fully convergent, able to output the video streams as a dual program digital RF channel or as an IPTV stream. An upcoming firmware update will support a variety of configurations for MPEG2 and MPEG4 streaming, and can output two independent single-program IPTV streams.

VP of Technical Services Doug Engstrom says “We have had many requests from Houses of Worship for an Encoder Modulator that could handle their primary media needs in one unit. We listened, and created the QMOD-SDI HDMI Modulator-IPTV Encoder.”

In addition to the new products, Contemporary Research announced it now offers a three (3) year warranty on all products, excluding the Display Express Server. All products purchased January 2014 or later will be included in the 3 year warranty.  We stand by our quality and durability and are proud many of our products are still in use for over 10 years.

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