Williams AV Launches Annotation Pro and Annotation Pro Plus Annotation/ Video Telestrator Systems

Published: January 24, 2020

Williams AV recently added Annotation Pro and Annotation Pro Plus to its line of professional annotation systems.

Annotation Pro “brings true 4K video to system designers who wish to add annotation to their professional 4K video designs,” according to the Williams AV announcement.

“With the enhanced broadcast graphics capabilities of the NVIDA processor, the Annotation Pro provides stunning graphical annotation overlays that provide brilliant detail, crisp colors and sharp images,” the company announcement says.

“These products were specifically designed to meet the rigid requirements of courtrooms, government facilities and large sports venues,” said Williams AV CEO and president Rob Sheeley in the company announcement.

“Both of these products incorporate our new easy-to-use navigation toolbar and are built on the most robust and reliable hardware platform required in these mission critical applications,” he said in the announcement.

More Annotation Pro Features

With two digital video inputs, HDMI and USB 3.0, as well as PIP (Picture-In-Picture) capabilities, the system can be configured to support a variety of dual video output viewing configurations such as near-end/far-end video, people and content, judge and defendant, etc.

USB 3.0 can also be configured as a video output for streaming video, videoconferencing or video capture applications.

Designed specifically for the AV integrator, it can easily be integrated into a typical system design. The Annotation Pro can work in any in-line or loop-through video design, as well as any HDMI switcher or third-party control system.

The product is available in either a Non-DHCP version (Annotation Pro) or as a DHCP compliant device (Annotation Pro Plus).

All content can be captured and recorded directly to a USB drive or network storage device. Each USB port can also be used for HID screen support, providing compatibility with hundreds of touchscreens.

Williams AV was announced as a PSNI Global Alliance Global Preferred Vendor Partner last summer.

The “global preferred” designation is “the highest level of PSNI Global Alliance partner engagement and limited to a select group of distributors and manufacturers who actively demonstrate a global strategy to support a sophisticated and standardized approach to system design,” according to the alliance announcement.

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