World’s First Connected Screen Wall Bound to Make Waves in Retail Market

Published: December 28, 2016

The next new innovation to engage retail customers and boost sales is here, according to Think&Go, an inventor of connected screens.

At CES 2017, Think&Go will launch the world’s first connected screen wall, offering a new and seamless way to manage Drive-to-Store, Pop-up-Store, Click-to-Brick, Click and Collect and RetailTainment (games, quizzes) services by engaging consumers within less than 1 second and with any connected object.

WATCH: Apple Pay used for NonPayment Consumer Journey on Connected Mall

According to Think&Go, the wall comprises 4 x 55 ” HD screens where consumers can simultaneously interact with the screens via a simple gesture using any connected objects.

The wall also features the following:

  • 40 Activations points, Payment or Non-Payment for multiple usages:According to the company press release, screens at this size offer impulsion to engage people at a scale never seen before, where several consumers at the same time can access a whole range of retail based services and offers ranging from taking coupons, paying for products, making donations and winning prizes via games.
  • Sized for delivering performance:Retailers can benefit from the screens ability to reduce queuing and powerful drive-to store capability resulting in much higher than average transformation to real sales. Managing the different events and promotions is easily achieved via ThinkandGo’s MyConnected space platform and CMS software.
  • Disrupting with ApplePay for Payment AND Non-Payment Consumer Journeys:The screen advantage is to reach 100 percent of shoppers and people of all ages can engage with the screen using any connected objects, transportation cards, bank cards, phones, etc. For CES 2017, Think&Go will introduce a new disruption mode using Apple Pay (iPhone or Apple Watch) to trigger Non-Payment Consumer Journeys to growing Apple Pay users.

Read more from Think&Go’s press release below:

A Successful Trial at Paris Shopping Mall Italie 2 from Hammerson

A first prototype of this Connected Wall is currently running at the Paris shopping mall Italie 2. In 1 month, over 12 000 coupons for around 3 000 users was achieved to the great satisfaction of the 20 plus retailers involved whom benefited from increased consumer traffic and sales. La Croissanterie, La Française Des Jeux (FDJ) even reached Record Sales Transformation rates, of over 30 percent!

“Connected screens offer retailers new and more powerful ways to engage consumers and make their shopping experience more attractive. With the integration of payment capability, signage screens take on a completely new role outside of stores as they can be easily transformed into Pop-up-Stores, Click-To-Brick, Click and Collect, therefore offering consumers a whole range of easy to use services, ” says Vincent Berge, CEO and Founder of Think&Go.

“We are at the dawn of a new way consumers exchange and share information using connected objects. Connected screens with their simplicity and fast consumer adoption are set to revolutionize consumers buying habits leading to the birth of Screen-Commerce” he added.

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