WyreStorm SP-0208-HDBT-H2 4K UHD Splitter Handles HDBaseT, HDMI, HDCP 2.2

Published: November 14, 2017
According to WyreStorm, the SP-0208-HDBT-H2 is tailor-made for multi-screen and signage applications in hospitality and retails environments.

Saying it’s leveraging its HDBaseT expertise, the AV transmission solutions provider is launching the WyreStorm SP-0208-HDBT-H2 4K UHD splitter with HDCP 2.2 which features the multiple transmission platforms of HDMI and both Class A and Class B HDBaseT.


According to WyreStorm, the SP-0208-HDBT-H2 is tailor-made for multi-screen and signage applications in hospitality and retails environments and was developed in-line with WyreStorm’s multi-platform approach to AV signal management as a common-sense alternative to transmitting an HDMI source over multiple distances to multiple locations where a matrix switcher is either too expensive or just over-specifying.

The SP-0208 features dual HDMI inputs that can be automatically or manually switched to any of its four HDBaseT Class B, two HDBaseT Class A and two HDMI outputs.

The result is a unique set of transmission options that enable the distribution of 4K to 35m/115ft or 1080p to 70m/230ft using Class B HDBaseT, or for longer distances, 4K to 70m and 1080p to 100m/328ft., according to a WyreStorm press release.

A further two HDMI outputs can either feed additional local displays or cascade transmissions to another splitter or matrix switcher to expand distributions for install options that are as powerful as they are flexible.

More on the WyreStorm SP-0208-HDBT-H2 from the press release:

Compatible with the latest HDCP 2.2 content, the SP-0208 4K UHD splitter supports 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 and 4K 24Hz with 10-bit HDR, and also includes EDID settings to manually adjust your system to your source, PoH to remotely power receivers and Active CEC control to power on/off all compatible screens at the touch of a button.

As all WyreStorm products are fully compatible with each other, the SP-0208 can be used with RX-70-PoH, RX-70-4K, RX-70-4K-ARC and RX-70-4K-SCL receivers to take full advantage of the functionality of each receiver model, whether HDBaseT Class B, Class A, with audio breakout or even 4K/2K scaling.

The SP-0208 can also be used as part of a wider WyreStorm eco-system, for example, de-embedding audio for a selected source using a WyreStorm EXP-CON-4K-DD converter or delivering high bandwidth 4K from HDMI outputs up to 30m/98ft direct to a screen, AVR, splitter or switcher using WyreStorm’s hybrid Active Optical cables.

The flexibility of the SP-0208 becomes even more apparent when connecting multiple PoH devices, cascading HDMI outputs to WyreStorm splitters matrices, or connecting HDBaseT outputs to HDBaseT inputs of a WyreStorm matrix for AV distributions that go even further and do even more.

The WyreStorm SP-0208-HDBT-H2 began shipping on November 6 with a U.S. MSRP of $1,799.

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