Yamaha UC Transforms the Meeting Experience at ISE 2019

Published: 2019-01-22

Yamaha Unified Communications is ensuring customers hear every word in any meeting environment at ISE 2019 stands 11-F120 and 11-G120 with a new lineup of purpose-built UC solutions that address the full range of collaboration use cases.

“Clear, natural audio is fundamental to a satisfying and productive meeting, but as customers demand the flexibility to collaborate anywhere, integrators and technology managers are challenged with UC solutions that fit these environments,” said Philip Stanley, director of EMEA for Yamaha UC in the company press release.

“At ISE 2019, we’re showing how Yamaha UC solutions enhance the user experience. Visitors will see vignettes reflective of today’s meeting spaces, from the home office, an open office, and huddle room, all the way up to a large conference or multipurpose room and boardroom,” he said.

Yamaha’s UC solutions will be displayed in four distinct settings in the RAI Amsterdam at ISE 2019 from Feb. 5 to 8:

Home Office or Open Workspace

Yamaha will showcase the YVC-200 Portable USB + Bluetooth Speakerphone, designed to provide audio that goes everywhere with the user. The device leverages Yamaha’s audio technology to boost productivity when meeting remotely or in an open workspace.

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It is integrated with Yamaha’s sound-processing technologies, including adaptive echo cancellation (AEC) and human voice activity detection, which focuses on speech rather than background noise.

The unit features an intelligent microphone and delivers full-duplex conversation without sound dropouts, even when multiple people are speaking at once. In addition, a built-in speaker produces audio that sounds as if every remote participant on the call is in the room.

Yamaha UC

Huddle Room

Yamaha will showcase the CS-700 video sound collaboration system for huddle rooms. It optimizes audio, video, and collaboration capabilities in a wall-mounted unit. It features an adaptive beamforming microphone array, four Yamaha speaker elements and a wide-angle HD camera for the far-end participants to see everyone.

Users can quickly connect to an organization’s chosen UC platform using a single USB, eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies of operating disparate video, audio, and collaboration components. In addition, the CS-700’s integrated network management system allows IT staff to deploy and remotely manage each unit from one location, increasing service response and efficiency.

Large Conference Room or Multipurpose Room

The Yamaha YVC-1000 conference phone enhances audio in medium to large conference spaces and multipurpose meeting rooms. It features a separate microphone and full-range speaker unit that can be placed close to the video display, so audio and video from the remote location blend naturally.

It can support two external speakers and up to five daisy-chained microphones and is capable of being paired with other microphone systems via an input jack for even more scalability in larger meeting rooms.

Its plug-and-play ability and auto-tune setup also allow participants to get started with audio optimized to the room conditions.


Visitors will witness how Yamaha is solving the use of UC in the boardroom with a professional audio system that enables participants to use their preferred UC application and collaborate with clarity while streamlining systems and installation efficiencies.

The system comprises an eight-channel Revolabs Executive Elite wireless microphone package, two VXL1-16P Power over Ethernet (PoE), Dante-enabled speaker arrays with wall volume controller, a digital signal processor, a five-port PoE switch, Dante AVIO USB adapter, and cabling.

Connected to an organization’s chosen UC platform through a single USB cable, it utilizes Yamaha’s advanced AEC algorithms and dynamic microphone mixing technology to deliver best-in-class audio throughout the room and enable flexible, superior audio capture and stress-free conversation.

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