Yamaha Unified Communications Unveils Two New Videoconferencing Collaboration Bars

Published: 2022-11-17

Yamaha Unified Communications is releasing two new video collaboration systems designed for easy use and deployment in hybrid work environments that integrate microphones, cameras and video output.

The Sudbury, Mass. company’s new devices are the CS-800 Video Sound Bar and CS-500 Collaboration System, which add to the growing product category of collaboration bars that integrate multiple technologies and reduce the need to outfit conference rooms with complicated systems.

The CS-800 Video Sound Bar is an all-in-one device that includes the microphone, speaker, camera and HDMI video output, while the CS-500 Video Collaboration System includes the microphone, camera and HDMI output, utilizing the speaker of the connected display.

Both feature the company’s AI-powered audio processing and framing technologies that automatically identify the conference space and meeting participants and capture the speakers’ voices while eliminating unwanted background noises.


Both also feature a 4K AI-enabled camera that supports three modes of auto-framing, including speaker tracking, individual tracking or group modes.

According to Yamaha, both devices use an HDMI connection that allows users to launch calls in a bring-your-own device environment or with installed equipment. They both also support auto wake up and provide on-screen guidance about starting a meeting when a user enters a meeting space.

Organizations can also add customized images and provide corporate messaging.

Both devices can be mounted on a table, wall or on a display. Both have passed Zoom’s testing and are certified as a Zoom Rooms device.

Commenting on the intelligent features embedded in the devices, CEO Tatsuya Umeo says the video bars provide a frictionless conference experience.

“The new CS-800 and CS-500 use Yamaha’s state-of-the-art audio processing technology with the latest in intelligent video technology to automatically identify the conference space and the meeting participants,” says Tatsuya Umeo, CEO of Yamaha Unified Communications. “Our signature technology, SoundCap Eye, combines video information with audio information to capture the speakers’ voices. The newly developed Hexa-Microphone not only discovers speakers but also eliminates distracting noises and sounds in the same vicinity.”

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