Yamaha USB + Bluetooth Speakerphone for Conferencing Speaks to Remote Workers

Published: 2018-09-05

People take conference calls while working at home, tucked away in huddle rooms or in hotel rooms. [related]The Yamaha YVC-200 portable USB + Bluetooth speakerphone, now shipping, is designed to be a portable conferencing device that offers clear sound no matter where people are working.

“The workplace has changed greatly since even five years ago, with more and more people meeting remotely, setting up temporarily in huddle spaces, or working wherever is most convenient. This has redefined users’ expectations and conferencing requirements,” says Phil Marechal, VP of business development and product management, Yamaha Unified Communications.

“The YVC-200 is the perfect solution for employees, business executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who needs conference-room quality audio without access to a conference room.”


YVC-200 portable USB + Bluetooth speakerphone in black

More about Yamaha USB + Bluetooth Speakerphone

The Yamaha YVC-200 portable USB + Bluetooth speakerphone is a portable device for on-the-go communication. The compact device is designed to fit in the palm of a user’s hand and is integrated with Yamaha’s sound processing technologies, including adaptive echo cancellation and Human Voice Activity Detection, which focuses on speech rather than background noise.

To start a remote meeting, users connect the YVC-200 to their audio, video, or web conferencing client.

The unit features an intelligent microphone and delivers full-duplex conversation without sound dropouts, even when multiple people are speaking at once. In addition, a powerful built-in speaker produces audio that sounds so natural, it feels as if every remote participant on the call is in the room. With the YVC-200, users can easily hear what’s being said and be heard, enabling highly productive team collaboration anywhere.

To start a remote meeting, users connect the YVC-200 to their audio, video, or web conferencing client. Equipped with USB and Bluetooth, with fast pairing to NFC-enabled devices, the YVC-200 can connect to a PC, smartphone, or tablet. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation.

It is software-agnostic and fully compatible with commonly used OSs and remote conferencing services, such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Slack, and more. In addition, interactive touch-sensor buttons for easy and intuitive operation provide manual control of software functions, such as microphone mute and speaker volume. Users can start a meeting anytime, anywhere, including ad-hoc meetings in the office or a customer’s site, without missing inspired ideas or cues for making immediate decisions.

Available in a choice of white or black, Yamaha says the YVC-200 blends into any home or corporate office. Its small, lightweight, and space-saving design is perfect for portability and deployment at laptop or mobile terminals. A headset jack allows for private listening and the option to enjoy music through the unit between calls.

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