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AV Acquisitions in 2019 Outpaced Last Year with About 60% More M&A Stories

We wrote 60% more audio visual acquisitions stories this year than in 2018. That is an astounding number


State of the Industry 2020: Global Growth & Acquisitions

Two more AV Industry trends affecting integrators' ability to grow in the new decade: expanding globally and being


AV Acquisitions in 2019 Are Already About to Outpace Last Year

We wrote about 20 individual AV acquisitions & mergers in 2018. We're not even at the midway point


The Audio Visual Acquisitions Already Changing the Industry in 2019: Episode 58 of AV+

The average rate of audio visual acquisitions is increasing rapidly. We examine some of the most interesting M&A's


The Largest Pro AV Mergers and Acquisitions from 2018 That Will Affect 2019

AV acquisitions that had the most impact on 2018 will also affect 2019. Study this list of important


Biamp’s Rashid Skaf on M&A: We’re Far From Done

Biamp president, CEO and co-chairman Rashid Skaf promises Cambridge Sound Management acquisition won’t be the last step in


Threats & Opportunities Your Commercial Tech Integration Business Will Contend With in 2018

Commercial tech integration in 2018 requires your AV business to be IT-centric; to be poised for acquisition; but


What’s With All the Mergers and Acquisitions?

With all the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) afoot in the AV integration industry, how can integrators make sense


M&A Forecast: Why Industry Consolidation Won’t Slow Down in 2017

A combination of strong balance sheets, low interest rates, high private equity cash and need for add-on services


The Future of Samsung & Harman: Will Samsung Keep Harman a Separate Entity?

A look at what lies ahead for the future of Samsung and Harman and whether or not

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