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6 AV Trends in 2019 You Should Focus On

What to expect out of the pro AV technology industry in 2019? We’re expecting these AV trends to be the most buzzed-about at industry events and online.

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State of the Industry 2019: Your Impending Pro AV Profit Problems

Even as most AV integration companies predict significant growth, profitability challenges loom over the market in our State of the Industry 2019 report.

DiGiCo KLANG Technologies Audiotonix

DiGiCo Acquires KLANG Technologies

DiGiCo has acquired KLANG Technologies. Looking ahead, the new family of brands in the Audiotonix family expects products to complement engineer workflow.

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20 Important Pro AV Articles You Might Have Missed in 2018

We hit on everything from global expansion to diversity to automation and beyond. Catch up on these pro AV articles & you’ll be an expert in all of them.

WAVE Electronics, Kingswood Capital, AVAD

AVAD and WAVE Electronics Merge Under Kingswood Capital Acquisition

Mark Fukuda of WAVE Electronics named CEO of home tech distributor after Kingswood Capital acquires & merges it with AVAD.

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Anatomy of a Sale: What AV Integrators Can Learn from Emerald Expositions Buying Us

How Emerald Expositions’ acquisition of Commercial Integrator and related assets can help AV integration pros be better before, during and after sales.

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Commercial Integrator, TechDecisions Acquired by Emerald Expositions: What It Means for You, Our Readers

EH Media sold Commercial Integrator, TechDecisions, Total Tech Summit and other select brands to B2B tradeshow and publishing company Emerald Expositions.

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Whitlock’s Work on Company Culture ‘Is Never Done,’ and That’s Why They’re Still Growing: Episode 13 of AV+

Unlike other mega integrators, Whitlock uses AV business practices which aren’t as focused on large acquisitions. Tune in ep. 13 of AV+ the new AV podcast.

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Quick Tips for Integrators on Buying and Selling Your AV Business

Pro AV business CEOs should be ready to sell their companies from day 1, while PE and VC firms have added a new element to these sales.

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Economic Instability… An Opportunity for AV Integrators?

Economists tell PSNI and NSCA members what they think is ahead for AV integrators in 2018 and beyond. Will you be ready or get left behind?