HDBaseT vs. AVoIP (And Why There’s No Need to Fight About It): Episode 27 of AV+

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We are a little late in getting episode 27 of pro AV podcast, AV+, published. Sorry for missing you last Friday. Today, we hear from the HDBaseT Alliance on the perceived “battle royale” between them and various forms of AV over IP. But the Alliance says both have a legitimate place in AV networking.

“HDBaseT is the de facto standard in AV connectivity right now in terms of convergence and distance replacing all of the cables that an installer has in his work, in his installation and replace them with a simple category cable that can go very, very much farther than any of those individual cables actually could,” says  says Daniel Shwartzberg, director of customer experience, HDBaseT Alliance, in this interview with Commercial Integrator.

On Episode 27 of AV+…

  • Daniel Shwartzberg busts the notion that the HDBaseT Alliance is out to only dominate AVoIP and explains situations where each have a place in AV networking

Stories Mentioned in this Episode

The Commercial Integrator Podcast

The phrase ‘pro AV’ doesn’t do justice to all of the integration crowd, so we at Commercial Integrator wanted to create a pro AV podcast that speaks to all of those areas (and more!) under the umbrella of commercial tech integration.

The host, web editor Adam Forziati, has a background in radio and is looking forward to providing listeners with an entertaining, informative audio forum for all topics affecting the AV industry.

AV+ Podcast Release Schedule

We plan to release a shorter, single-topic episode once every week or two on Fridays (just like this episode). But at the end of each month, we’ll also drop a longer, in-depth episode of the AV podcast with features like Editor’s Desk, CI Monthly News Spotlight, CI’s Project of the Month, and more.

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AV+ Podcast: CTI on Its Acquisition of Vistacom

CTI acquiring Vistacom — news that broke Feb. 13 — is arguably the biggest pro AV merger and acquisition news in months. That's why Commercial Integrator brought together John Laughlin, CEO and president of CTI, as well as Angela Nolan, formerly the CEO of Vistacom, to give AV+ the inside scoop. Here, they touch on how the deal came together and, more importantly, why each company chose the other. In this candid discussion, Laughlin and Nolan go into detail on the timeline for the acquisition, why this was the right time for Vistacom to become part of a larger organization, how the move affects existing Vistacom team members, what it means for the future of the command-and-control segment, and how existing Vistacom customers will benefit from leveraging CTI's infrastructure.


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