6 Laser Projectors Shown at InfoComm 2017

InfoComm featured some powerful laser projectors this year. We examine six contenders which will bring competitive performance to your next installation.

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6 Laser Projectors Shown at InfoComm 2017
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While the industry’s proverbial dust settles following InfoComm 2017, chatter regarding the show’s debuted products remains strong. It was a very visual show this year, and the range of laser projectors on display highlighted that theme.

Laser projectors formerly gave off an impression of extreme expense, but this year’s trade show displayed a range of affordability and practicality in the category.

Clarity and color can make or break advertising relationships, particularly in the case of logo quality. Companies strive to perfect their brand identities and their logos as powerful representations of who they are. Engineered for large-venue professional installations such as entertainment applications, corporate meeting rooms, houses of worship, educational facilities and plenty of other vertical markets, laser projectors have come a long way in the industry.

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Replacing lamps is a costly endeavor, and translates to steep labor costs when lamps reach their end of life after 1,500 to 4,000 hours of use. However, laser phosphor projectors, which emit a more consistent light output over their lifetimes, offer up to 20,000 hours of projector life at maximum brightness.

With their robust durability and convenient flexibility, laser projectors have already started shining a bright light on digital signage in the transportation industry.

Projection mapping, in which projectors flash images onto multiple types of surfaces (including stone, ice, metal and more), is an eye-catching way to display content in dynamic environments which also established a significant presence at InfoComm 2017. The Cleveland Cavaliers make a grand entrance when entering the arena at their home base, Quicken Loans Arena, for example, where 3D images are projected onto the basketball court.

Forget about hardware, cables and fans, this ‘sign’ can be mounted like wallpaper.

Manufacturers’ offerings at InfoComm this year almost always included high-lumen and lifetime predictions. While that will likely make integrators’ jobs easier, it could also create competitive pressure from the development end to create increasingly-powerful projectors and applications for them.

Click here to see some of the laser projectors displayed at InfoComm 2017.

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