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CORIOmatrix Mini From tvONE Debuts at ISE

The CORIOmatrix Mini was developed due to the success of the company’s CORIOmaster mini video wall processor to meet the need for powerful, small-footprint solutions.

These days it doesn’t matter if it’s the consumer or pro A/V market, the public is demanding that not only their electronics perform at high and reliable levels, but they also need to have room friendly, aesthetically pleasing products.

Meeting the demand for space-friendly small-footprint products, the Ky.-based manufacturer tvONE recently introduced its CORIOmaster mini video wall processor.

Following up on the successful launch of this product, the company has just debuted its new CORIOmatrix Mini at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam.

The 1RU routing switcher incorporates a number of features beyond standard matrix switching. According to the company, it offers 12 ports of matrix routing, scaling, format conversion, audio routing and HDBaseT signal transmission capabilities.

“In today’s world, A/V installations and BYOD environments demand total flexibility. Every day installers are faced with displays and projectors of varying ages, sizes, connection limitations and aspect ratios, and these all need to be fed by an equally diverse selection of sources,” explains Andy Fliss, director of marketing, tvONE. “The CORIOmatrix mini is a reliable source for any room system that has diverse inputs and outputs. It is a small 1RU non-squared matrix router that can scale and convert nearly any signal source to any signal output requirement.”

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In addition, the CORIOmatrix mini also offers a web browser interface that allows users to choose from four different views, and the ability to drag-and-drop inputs or outputs to these views to monitor and adjust video and audio routing from remote, networked locations.

tvONE also points out the product incorporates its proprietary CORIO 2 technology and it provides Up, Down and Cross conversion between analog and digital video formats. Its pixel-level motion adaptive and diagonal interpolation ensures quality de-interlacing of PAL, NTSC and ATSC signals, and its 3:2 pulldown provides smooth images when displaying 24fps content.

Other features include the ability to set and store customized video parameters, and tvONE provides a choice of audio and video inputs and outputs.

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