Extron SMD 202 is High-Performance Media Player & Live Stream Decoder

Extron’s SMD 202 is a compact, high-performance media player that can be used for H.264 applications.

Adding to its vast array of media solutions, the Anaheim, Calif.-based electronics company Extron Electronics has announced its latest media device, the SMD 202 H.264 streaming media player and decoder.

Extron’s new media solution is the latest addition to its H.264 Streaming AV product line. It provides dealers with a compact, high-performance media player and live-stream decoder that can be utilized for a variety of system installations.

“Our new SMD 202 distinguishes itself with the flexibility it offers to serve as both a live stream decoder and media player, which plays back many different media file formats from a variety of storage locations,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Extron. “Integration-friendly controls and advanced signal processing round out a feature set that provides effective solutions to the challenges faced by AV professionals when integrating streaming into AV systems.”

Extron points out the SMD 202 provides the flexibility to present the signal from a local A/V component; to decode a live streaming source, or dealers can set it up to playback media files from SD cards, USB devices or network storage devices.

In addition, the product is engineered to support a range of formats and protocols, and it incorporates signal processing, aspect ratio management and scaling options to deliver quality audio and video content.

The product is also adaptable to a variety of network conditions through its push-and-pull streaming configuration capabilities, and audio options that include HDMI and analog stereo.

Moreover, Extron built in a choice of control options that range from Ethernet and RS-232, to IR and wired IR interface capabilities.