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InFocus Adds 80-Inch Model to MondoPad Line

The new 80-inch model joins InFocus’ 55- and 70-inch version Mondopads to give dealers a greater array of touchpanel solutions to offer clients.

In today’s world, multimedia is king.

Fueled by the popularity of streaming media websites like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, the public is conditioned for complete media immersion and it is noticeable when communications that include advertising and marketing don’t utilize multimedia elements.

The Skinny: Expanding upon its popular Mondopad line of touchscreen and conference room tablets, the Ore.-based manufacturer InFocus has announced its latest solution: the 80-inch Mondopad.

The Specs: The 80-inch model joins the Modopad family of products, which already includes 55-inch and 70-inch versions, and according to the Northwest company, the 80-inch model has 111 percent more interactive surface area than the 55-inch model to increase the view of teleconference attendees.

In addition to its teleconferencing capabilities, InFocus points out the product provides users with sharable interactive whiteboard functions, annotatable browser, and network options.

The company also states that the product comes with one-year of its 121 Video Calling service at no cost, along with the ability to work with all session initiation protocol-enabled (SIP) and H.323 devices that include video conferencing systems and video phones.

“The 80-inch Mondopad welcomes audiences to participate in important collaboration sessions regardless of their location in the world, making business easier,” says Raymond Yu, CEO of InFocus. “Whether you are in the back corner of a large boardroom viewing the enormous screen in person or using the ControlView app to control the screen from your tablet, Mondopad’s display is easy to see and easy to share.”

InFocus adds the 80-inch Mondopads also incorporates its 1.8 software that is capable of running on Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems, and its 1.8 software includes options such as annotation tools, five-point touch drawing, Exchange-based email support and automated file maintenance to preserve hard drive performance.

Solutions: The 80-inch Mondopad can be used for a variety of business applications that include boardroom video conferencing systems.