Interactive Technology from Classroom to Boardroom

Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD is an engaging solution for both classroom presentations and boardroom meetings alike.

CI Staff

The classroom environment is evolving, and technology used by students and teachers needs to evolve with it.

We are beginning to see more interactive technology in schools, but it shouldn’t end there. Students need smarter, more convenient ways to learn and share ideas while communicating with each other in and outside of the classroom.

Sharp is making strides toward this goal with its AQUOS BOARD, an interactive display system designed for effortless communication and collaboration from the classroom to the boardroom.

The AQUOS BOARD is a creative, engaging solution that allows users to store and retrieve files from the Cloud, import documents and presentations for editing and sharing and wirelessly communicate with handheld devices.

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These features make it a prime candidate for corporate boardroom technology as well. Responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the same screen at the same time, which is a plus for corporate meetings and class presentations alike.

The AQUOS BOARD is available in screen sizes up to 80” diagonal with LED-LCD displays.

Hear what Almo Pro AV has to say about the Sharp AQUOS BOARD: