MAXHUB BM35 SpeakerPhone Receives Zoom Certification

MAXHUB’s UC BM35 speakerphone is an intelligent Zoom Room-ready solution that promises unparalleled meeting clarity.

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Provider of high-tech communication and collaboration solutions, MAXHUB has fast tracked the expansion of its Zoom-certified UC portfolio. Its BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone, a powerful, portable device, providing exceptional audio coverage, is now certified for use with the popular videoconferencing platform. The BM35’s Zoom certification elevates the speakerphone to new heights, says MAXHUB.

The design of BM35 is thus ideal for the modern, hybrid workplace. Moreover, it ensures that everyone can hear every voice with its 360-degree omnidirectional algorithms, powerful pick-up range and eight-microphones array that supports enriched sound clarity.

As a certified device, the BM35 works seamlessly and intuitively with Zoom meetings and in Zoom Rooms, enabling real-time, in-person and remote interaction. According to MAXHUB, it also meets the cloud-based platform’s high standards for audio quality. Thus, the BM35 is an effective speakerphone solution that delivers an efficient video-conferencing experience for high-quality collaboration, anywhere.

Achieving Zoom Certification

BM35’s achievement of Zoom certification demonstrates MAXHUB’s dedication to building professional-grade, pioneering devices. According to the company, these devices offer exceptional ease of use for the contemporary world of work.

“This latest addition to our Zoom-certified product portfolio is a significant step for MAXHUB in delivering high-end audio solutions built better with Zoom customers in mind. The BM35 promises an intuitive user experience paired with performance excellence for superb video conferencing, every time,” says MAXHUB UC product global consultant Andrew Wong.

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Advanced Technology Supports Crystal-clear Audio

MAXHUB’s adaptable BM35 provides great audio coverage in any meeting space or Zoom Room. Optimized for maximum voice clarity, videoconferencing thus feels as instinctive as a face-to-face discussion. MAXHUB says users will enjoy rich, organic conversations thanks to BM35’s full-duplex system. This system ensures participants are heard clearly even while speaking simultaneously.

The BM35 intelligently absorbs and filters out intrusive noise for high-fidelity sound quality. With automatic gain control, it keeps fluctuating speaker volumes to a minimum. This works even as they move around the room. It comes with a 4400mAh built-in battery that can last for up to 15 hours. As a result, teams can let their creative juices flow, unconstrained by time.

The BM35 speakerphone is now available for purchase.

A Growing Zoom-certified UC Product Portfolio

As a prominent communication-solutions provider, MAXHUB is ramping up its Zoom certification expansion program. The company adds that it is focusing on developing intelligent Zoom-ready solutions that meet the needs of the modern workplace.

“MAXHUB is a proud Zoom partner committed to helping professional enterprises achieve fruitful collaboration, anywhere. Together, we’re setting a new benchmark in the virtual-communications market, providing our users greater flexibility as we help them tap into the creative energy of hybrid teams,” says MAXHUB general manager Darren Lin.

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