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WyreStorm Releases Superspeed USB-C to C Cables

WyreStorm’s EXP-CAB-USBC-xM, USB-C to C cables, are capable of 20 Gbps for fast file transfers or connecting USB 3.0 equipped devices.

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WyreStorm, the Albany, N.Y.-based manufacturer of AV distribution and UC&C solutions launched EXP-CAB-USBC-xM, a series of USB-C to C cables, capable of transmitting AV data over standard copper. USB data is powerfully rated up to Superspeed 20 Gbps for fast file transfers or connecting USB 3.0 equipped devices such as conference cameras. The USB-C to C cable supports Alt-Mode, which allows 4K60 video to be transmitted from USB-C laptops or mobile devices.

For a perfect pair, integrators can link the cables with a WyreStorm Apollo, Synergy Presentation Switcher or IDB In-Desk-Box. The new EXP-CAB-USBC-xM cables support 100W power delivery.

With a 16-lane core that is rated for the USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Superspeed specification, users can transfer data with blazing speeds up to 20Gbps. This makes transferring large files a breeze. It also makes connecting high-speed USB devices such as 4K cameras more compatible and effortless, says the company.

WyreStorm adds that USB-C to C cables supports video passthrough in addition to USB data using USB Alt-Mode. The Alt-Mode adds audio-video capability in addition to the USB data communication.

The USB-C cable heads feature a strong cast aluminum, protected with a thick PVC jacket to withstand kinks, pulls and daily abuse. WyreStorm additionally offers a generous lifetime warranty on cables. The EXP-CAB-USBC-xM cables are suited for corporate and education spaces, as well as many other verticals.

Check out WyreStorm Technologies on AV-iQ.