Advanced Captivates Car Buyers with Video Wall

Published: June 27, 2017

Full-motion video is becoming a requirement for marketing the latest automobile models to style-savvy buyers. At the Humberview Volkswagen dealership in Toronto, recent renovations provided the perfect opportunity to dazzle customers and customize its messaging with a new video wall and nine individual digital displays. The decision-makers called on Advanced Videowall Group to design and install displays that allow both static and dynamic digital content throughout the dealership.

Advanced installed a nearly 27-x4-foot video wall mounted above the customer welcoming area designed to brake prospective buyers in their tracks. Composed of 16 NEC ultra-thin-bezel 46-inch HD monitors on Chief micro-adjustable wall mount brackets in a 2×8 configuration, the display can present a single large image or up to four advertisements side-by-side.


In addition, the project included nine individual HD displays throughout the building that each have a dedicated video feed delivered through the matrix switcher. This affords even greater flexibility so managers can decide what images or video content they want on particular screens with the ability to update and change the advertising and information at a moment’s notice.

Advanced designed the video wall to have seams of just 5.5 millimeters and offer a maximum resolution of 7680×1080 for a single image. To optimize the video walls’ utility, the team installed a Kramer digital video matrix that includes five sources and allows the dealership to split the display into four 2×2 sections, each with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and max resolution of 1920×1080, or two 4×2 sections with 32:9 aspect ratios and max resolutions of 3840×1080.

With all the various display possibilities, Advanced notes it was paramount that the system be easy to access and adjust quickly to respond to changing customer attitudes and desires. There are 13 Kramer receivers (ninefor the ancillary monitors and fourfor the video wall),and all AV signals are routed over the system-specific installed shielded category cabling.

The digital video matrix, Extron audio amplifier and all the source input devices are in a single equipment rack, completely hidden from view in the building’s telecom room.

The signal for the two Tannoy loudspeakers adjacent to the video wall originates from the matrix switcher, so they can play audio from any of the sources.

Advanced worked directly with Humberview Volkswagen to complete the installation in one month. During the project, the team had to work around the dealership’s construction, which was happening simultaneously.

Meticulous project management was critical to make sure the project was done in an efficient manner and did not interfere with the facility’s construction plans.

Working on the content for the video wall with the client’s ad agency was challenging, according to the Advanced team. They set up specific views for different aspect ratios/resolution of content so that they can drop new content files into the BrightSign 4K1142 media player easily based on resolution. And with the ability to adjust content and react quickly to customers and trends, the project’s success has underscored to Humberview Volkswagen that digital displays are now the solution of choice for today’s advertising.


Advanced Equipment Highlights

NEC video wall monitors

Chief mounts

Kramer video signal transmission

Extron audio amplifier

Tannoy loudspeakers

Crestron control

BrightSign media player

Cisco managed network switch

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