Domotek Critical Command Center Solution is Cloud-Functional and Easily Controllable

Published: 2020-06-25

Fishtech Group, a cybersecurity solutions provideropened its 20,000-square-foot critical command center next to its company headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. The space was designed to serve as an around-the-clock cloud security and threat-monitoring center, where Fishtech employees manage and monitor client’s applications.

The new facility features a video wall, workstations, private offices, meeting spaces, and a showroom known as the ‘Cloud Gallery’ installed by Domotek. 

It was imperative that Fishtech standardize on an AV platform that is secure, reliable, and flexible to ensure clients’ cloud-based infrastructures are safe. 

Fishtech’s Priorities 

Outfitting meeting spaces and conference rooms throughout the office with the right command center technology was a top priority for the Fishtech team.


They needed an enterprise-grade hardware solution with a native UC experience, all while providing best-in-class audio and video. To accomplish this, Fishtech standardized all of their meeting spaces on the Crestron Flex UC platform.

Fishtech is a company that was born in the cloud and gave preference to apps and tools that function successfully within it 

One of the most critical parts of the project was the video wall inside the facility’s security operations center. Made up of more than 60 55-inch displays, this 4K video wall required a technology solution with the ability to distribute content on the existing infrastructure.

Ensuring zero latency and Pixel Perfect Processing, Crestron DM NVX was selected as the command center technology backbone for this mission-critical space.  

Critical Command Center Tech Solutions 

With the ability to route audio and video with a touch of a button, JITC-certified DM NVX allows Fishtech employees to securely distribute content anywhere in the building from one centralized location. 

Every meeting space features a Crestron TSW touch screen located outside of the door where employees can walk up and reserve the room.

Each room scheduling touch screen is natively integrated with their existing calendaring platform, which allows employees to also book spaces in advance, right from their desk. 

“As a Zoom campus, it was imperative that we found a solution that natively integrates with our existing UC platform,” explains Skeen.

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“By standardizing on Crestron Flex, we created a seamless and intuitive experience across our organization that extends well beyond our conference rooms.”  

For Fishtech, integrating a solution that fit perfectly into their existing ecosystem was a true game-changer. It allows employees to easily manage their meetings and control the lighting and shading throughout the room with one touch.  

“The Crestron Flex platform not only provided us with a consistent experience throughout our office but offers my team an easy-to-manage solution that we believe in and trust,” says Jones.

These spaces also feature Crestron lighting and shading solutions. Crestron keypads are located throughout the CDC, providing employees the ability to control the lighting and the shading with a touch of a button. 

“By integrating Crestron lighting, we were able to cut energy costs and reduce the amount of lighting loads used throughout the space,” explained Skeen. 

Employee Reception

“As a leader in cybersecurity, it was important to us to have command center technology in place that met government standards, and that’s why we chose NVX.” says Andy Jones, Director of Digital Technologies Fishtech Group. 

“We have 65 NVX units. If I had to update those one at a time, it would take about 20 minutes per box. With XiO Cloud, what used to take me a week to do, literally only takes me 5 minutes.”  

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