Cox Communications Turns to NanoLumens Interactive LED Visualization for Corporate Communications

Published: 2017-11-02

This customer shouldn’t have bandwidth issues with its interactive video walls. Cable TV provider Cox Communications recently upgraded the executive boardroom and lobby museum at its Atlanta headquarters to NanoLumens interactive LED visualization with direct-view ENGAGE Series LED displays.

“Corporations understand the enormous impact a presentation can have on audiences,” says Arch Nelson, NanoLumens regional sales director, Southeast.

The Cox Communications applications, he says, underscore how important direct-view LED visualization has become for corporate customers.

“Projection-based systems simply cannot compete with the edge-to-edge image quality delivered by LED displays. Add to this the space-saving and environmental benefits of interactive LED technology and it’s clear that LED is the format of choice for 21st century corporations,” he says.

Specifically, Cox Communications chose six NanoLumens direct-view ENGAGE Series interactive LED displays. The customer says it has totally transformed the way it engages and communicates with employees and visitors alike, according to a NanoLumens press release.

The centerpiece of the original executive boardroom was an outdated projector screen that was replaced with a 10.6-foot by 5.99-foot NanoLumens 1.6mm pixel pitch True HD 1080P ENGAGE Series display.

NanoLumens says the display that was installed caused no disruption to the boardroom wall, millwork or doors. It features a natural 1920 X 1080 resolution and complete translation from computer to display, which means that now every person in the room can see the vibrant and crisp visuals on the display — from edge to edge, according to the press release.

More from NanoLumens press release on the impact on the boardroom:

The brightness of the NanoLumens display now allows for Cox to take advantage of the boardroom’s view of Atlanta. With the previous projection system, the blinds on the room’s large windows had to be closed in order for the screen to be viewable. Now, all the curtains can remain open for a bright, beautiful meeting experience that lets participants appreciate the view while getting down to business.


In addition to being outdated and dark, the projection system also took up a large amount of space.

The NanoLumens ENGAGE Series display enabled Cox to regain nearly 20 feet of space behind the boardroom. The regained space was combined with an interior closet to create a new executive office.

“One of the great benefits of this display technology is that it does take up much less space, which, from a designer’s perspective, enables us to reimagine how we can make the totality of space available to us more productive for everyone,” said Mandy Culpepper, owner of Mandy Culpepper Interior Designs, who designed the new office.

Culpepper was just as impressed by the capabilities of the new NanoLumens boardroom display.

“NanoLumens puts you in the moment, making you feel like you’re a part of what is being presented,” she said. “Cox also now has plenty of flexibility to create and display multiple types of presentations in broad daylight, which they weren’t able to do before.”

Then there’s the impact NanoLumens had on the corporate museum in the Cox Communications headquarters lobby. NanoLumens works with integration firm Electrosonic and design firm Gallagher.

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