Daktronics LED Technology Brings SLS Las Vegas Into The Big Leagues

Published: 2016-04-11

Due to the popularity of this video on social media, it appears that on this particular occasion, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas.

Commercial Integrator Europe (CIE) is the first to admit that it has not yet made it over to the self-dubbed entertainment capital of the world, but anyone that has seen Casino, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas or The Hangover probably has a pretty good idea of what lies in store for them over the pond – hopefully minus the tiger in the hotel room.

Synonymous with mega casinos, ridiculously luxurious hotels, fevered gambling, spectacular water shows, outrageous LED lights and general excess, Vegas’ rapidly evolving skyline and neon-lit architecture continues to swallow up millions of tourists a year – and millions of dollars.

GALLERY: See the amazing 3D content and image mapping at the SLS Las Vegas

A resort and casino investing said dollars into luring its share of guests into its premises is the SLS Las Vegas.

A recent $415 million renovation of the historic Sahara hotel located along the North Vegas strip, the SLS boasts over 1,600 guest rooms and suites, two sweeping poolside lounges, a trio of premier nightclubs, nine bars and lounges, not forgetting a 60,000 sq-f casino bursting with over 800 slot machines.

But being Vegas, the hotel needed something more to ensure it stood out from the rest.

To remedy this, SLS Las Vegas and SBE Entertainment approached D’strict (a creative division of South Korean-based KT Corporation), working with them to develop a digital design and content strategy for the newly remodelled resort-casino.

Daktronics was then promptly selected by SBE, in partnership with KT Corporation, to provide all dynamic indoor and outdoor LED video experiences.

They didn’t disappoint. In total the company designed, manufactured and delivered 12 LED video displays totalling more than 23 million LEDs into the SLS Las Vegas property.

This was no small feat; the SLS’ main LED attraction is its LED video marquee – a four-sided, 15mm LED video marquee positioned near the corner of Las Vegas Blvd, by far the largest display at SLS Las Vegas.

The display towers at 88 feet high and stretches 47 feet wide, acting as a beacon for the resort, welcoming guests with marketing and artistic content. 

Moving on to the Center Bar captured in the video above, hanging directly above the bar itself is the second largest display in the hotel, boasting more than 2.1 million LED pixels at 6mm line spacing.

Daktronics designed, manufactured and delivered 12 LED video displays totalling more than 23 million LEDs into the SLS

Moving on to the Las Vegas Blvd Starck Frame located on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Sahara Ave, this 10 mm Daktronics display showcases both marketing and artistic content.

Next we have the 10 mm Daktronics Paradise Starck Frame installed near the Paradise entrance of SLS Las Vegas, followed by a 6mm centre LED video display covering the LiFE DJ Booth and six 10mm LED video LiFE walls positioned on either side of the booth.

Not forgetting SSL’s Foxtail Nightclub’s 10 mm LED video display installed directly above the dance floor.

“Digital display technology is used throughout the entire facility and every space offers its own unique and exclusive atmosphere,” explains Jeff Everson, Daktronics application engineer, spectaculars business unit.

“It starts while driving down Las Vegas Blvd where motorists are met with digital content on a massive four-sided marquee. This place is decked out with digital technology, each specifically suited to its application.

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