Fluid Sound: THE LOT Entertainment Experience

Crestron control systems and touch screens play a vital role at THE LOT’s four luxury entertainment centers.

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Fluid Sound: THE LOT Entertainment Experience
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Entertainment hub THE LOT, located in San Ramon, San Diego, La Jolla, and Newport Beach, Calif. features an elevated luxury entertainment experience with an upscale restaurant, café, bar, movie theatre, auditorium and more — all centered around the theme of arts and culture.

THE LOT’s Project Scope

To align with its ultra-luxe aesthetic and design and deliver a premium guest experience, THE LOT needed to implement the most sophisticated control technology available in its various dining and entertainment spaces.

It was essential for all locations to standardize on one control technology platform to maintain a consistent, intuitive user experience for employees to easily manage all systems in the spaces, from audio and video to lighting and temperature.

Partnering with Fluid Sound at THE LOT

The IT team at THE LOT collaborated with San Diego-based AV Integrator Fluid Sound to deploy an all-encompassing Crestron control solution at each location.

Working closely with the project architect and interior design teams, Fluid Sound ensured the technology was integrated into the building aesthetic and adhered to THE LOT’s overall goals.

Using Technology To Create The Ideal Ambiance

THE LOT’s auditoriums are one of the entertainment hubs’ main attractions. They provide a high-end movie theatre experience with full food and beverage services. They also serve a dual-purpose, as they can be rented out for private events.

Crestron control systems provided the technology backbone for each location, integrating full management and control of video, audio, HVAC, security, lighting, and more, which allowed for future expansion. All auditoriums have a master control location to support movies and events.

When used for events, the intuitive user interface running on Crestron touch screens enables guests to book a single auditorium or multiple rooms. Employees can control all aspects of the room to customize the space for each event.

When in use for a movie, employees can control lighting to create the ideal ambiance. Crestron touch screens are not only a helpful solution for the management team, but they also assist the cleaning crews, IT teams, and general operations staff for any type of event.

The Fluid Sound team designed a solution that incorporated multiple commercial-grade NEC displays for digital signage posters at the individual theater entrances and constructed a 3×3 video wall in the bar area.

NEC projectors were used in the ten movie theater auditoriums and a Crestron control system integrates all the venue’s audio, video, lighting, and HVAC. The end user manages all systems from a mix of hard-wired Crestron touch screens and portable wireless Apple iPads.

Using AV-over-IP hardware from Just Add Power, all video inputs can be routed to any of the venue’s video displays over a standard ethernet network. Employees can control all aspects of the room to customize the space for events, such as diming the lights for movies.

The venue converts from a high-end cinema into a very high-end presentation space. The control system can pull in content from anywhere and distribute presentations done in any of the theaters to any of the other rooms and the lobby.

Creating A Tech Forward Center at THE LOT

Crestron technology has transformed THE LOT locations into tech-forward entertainment centers that provide guests with a sophisticated, high-end experience. Employees can effortlessly control and manage all the technology in the facilities, enabling each to run as efficiently as possible.

THE LOT team has been truly blown away by the high-quality, state-of-the-art technology implemented within their locations, and Crestron has helped them achieve their goal of creating a consistent look and feel.

Equipment List:

  • 3-Series® Control System CP3N 10.1 in.
  • Touch Screen TSW-1060 1-to-2 HDMI®
  • Distribution Amplifier & Audio Converter HD-DA-2
  • AirMedia® Presentation Gateway AM100 RESULTS
  • Crestron thermostats