How SunBriteTV and FlyingTee Are Revolutionizing the Game of Golf

Published: November 28, 2016

Not all golfers are looking to spend an entire day on a 6,500-yard golf course. Some golfers want entertainment, food and fun incorporated into their golfing experiences, especially if they’re new to the sport.

For golf amateurs looking to improve their swing and be entertained with some impressive tech, FlyingTee and SunBriteTV just gave them their dream golf facility.

Located in Jenks, Okla., FlyingTee’s new high-tech golf entertainment facility features three stories of golf bays and more than 60 SunBriteTV outdoor displays. Installed by Ford AV, the SunBriteTV displays deliver swing analysis, course simulation and ball-tracking information to every bay.

PHOTOS: Inside FlyingTee’s new entertainment facility

Golfers can play games such as Darts and Blackjack using the course simulation technology displayed on the SunBriteTVs, helping to increase engagement and providing top-of-the-line entertainment to guests.

“You can come in on a Friday afternoon or Friday night or even Saturday afternoon and this place is packed with people cheering for each other and jeering each other because of how close the golf ball gets to the target,” says James Vollbrecht, co-founder and chief strategy officer of FlyingTee.

“Thanks to SunBrite, we can show that to the entire crowd in really great high definition. You can see how it builds that engagement with the customer.” 

Inside the FlyingTee Facility

Watch the video below to tour FlyingTee’s facility and get a closer look at the entertainment this modern-day golf facility provides.

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