Mercure Miri Malaysia: Where Elite Audio Meets Elegant Design

Published: April 3, 2024
Courtesy / K-array

Part of the Mercure hotel chain, Mercure Hotel Miri is the first of the brand’s openings in Malaysia’s Sarawak region, nestled on the northwest coast of Borneo. Boasting a full co-working space, rooftop restaurant and 172 contemporary and stylish rooms, Hotel Miri recently sought a new sound system to provide background audio across various spaces in the hotel.

Nextrend, a professional integrator and distributor of K-array solutions in Malaysia was approached to lead the new project, with company director, Shawn Teoh managing the project. “The client was looking for a sound system that would fit the sleek and modern interiors of the hotel,” recalls Teoh. “The goal was to produce clear background audio that would not be irritating or too loud for guests when they are sitting near the loudspeakers. A KGEAR solution would provide us with good quality and versatile form-factor, allowing us to provide the best possible audio within budget and with products that would not detract from the stylish interiors of the hotel.”

Seamless Soundscapes: KGEAR Transforms Hospitality Audio from Lobby to Rooftop

Cavakita Restaurant bar

Courtesy / K-array

The installation encompasses several areas including the check-in lobby and adjoining coffee bar, plus the ballroom and the rooftop restaurant and bar. In the lobby, four KGEAR GF82 ultra-compact 8×2-inch column line array loudspeakers deliver high-quality audio in a small and discreet format. These are powered by an equally compact KGEAR GA201 amplifier. Hotel guests are welcomed by quality ambient music from these hidden GF82 upon arriving at the entrance.

The Terabai Grand Ballroom, with a capacity of up to 200 people and intended for events such as large meetings and wedding receptions, was installed with a GP18 and GP18A column array system. Combining a powerful 18-inch subwoofer with three modular 8×2-inch line-array elements, the interchangeable array modules on each column provide a 140-degree wide horizontal dispersion angle ensuring excellent sound coverage for events and celebrations in the Ballroom. The GP18 system is further supported by KGEAR’s GP8A, a smaller, portable variant that allows for even greater versatility during different events.

KGEAR Elevates Miri’s Rooftop Ambiance

At Cavakita, the hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant, guests can revel in the views of Miri and the Miri Waterfront whilst enjoying casual dining and drinks. Eighteen KGEAR GF82 loudspeakers were chosen for their ability to envelop the space with clear audio without detracting from the stylish interior. Two KGEAR GS18 subwoofers deliver bass reinforcement whilst another GP8A column array provides extra flexibility. A GA43 amplifier and two GA201 amplifiers power entire the system.

“The choice of KGEAR loudspeakers delivers clear sound and easy operation, whilst minimizing technical system handling,” explains Teoh. “It was of the utmost importance that the loudspeaker mounting would blend into the overall interior design. The slim speaker and choice of white or black enclosures in the GF82s enabled us to provide a discreet yet highly flexible audio solution that pleased both the interior designer and the hotel guests.”

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