Pavion Incorporates K-array’s KSCAPE RAIL Sound + Light Technology At Raleigh Office

Published: November 8, 2023
Photo courtesy of K-Array.

Pavion, (formerly CTSI) the U.S.-based integrator of fire, security, critical communications and audiovisual technology solutions, opened its new regional office in Raleigh, N.C. The goal was to establish a space for Pavion to showcase its cutting-edge technology solutions whilst providing an updated working environment for its employees. The project was undertaken in a collaboration between Pavion and IA Architects, who worked together to design and execute a solution including K-array’s KSCAPE RAIL technology.

“When designing and developing the Pavion Raleigh office, we had three critical focuses: Our People, Our Customers and Innovation,” explains Kristina VanderBrink, southeast regional sales director at Pavion. “We believe everything starts with our people — they are at the center of our solutions. The goal was to create a workplace that promotes our team members to come to the office, nurtures collaboration and cultivates a sense of belonging. The biggest requests we received from all our team members when designing our new space were centered around the quality and functionality of the workspace. Our mission was then focused on finding the right space and the right partners to best incorporate these critical features. That was a driving factor for working with K-array and KSCAPE.”

The KSCAPE RAIL Solution

One product stood out: KSCAPE’s RAIL, which serves as the centerpiece of the lighting and sound integration. The integrated lighting modes were ideal for the zonal spaces at Pavion. Once installed, the team would have the control, via CASAMBI, to seamlessly adjust the lighting and therefore the atmosphere of each area, whether to enhance productivity during the working day or to create ambience for evening events. Furthermore, the cost-efficiency of using a single device for multiple functions further solidified the decision.

A total of 75 ceiling-hung RAIL units were installed, providing the backbone for the entire system, and ensuring even and consistent coverage of both sound and light throughout the different spaces. RAIL is not only capable in terms of audio distribution but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the office spaces, providing sleek and eye-catching lines of light that further modernize the space. The audio provided by RAIL is further enhanced by the integration of four K-array Rumble subwoofers, specifically in the reception area and Experience Center.

Technology Solutions at Pavion’s Raleigh Office

In terms of other technology, Pavion opted for LG video screens in each of its meeting rooms and personal office spaces, enabling crystal clear collaboration during video calls and presentations, whilst Poly Studio 2-in-1 microphone and camera units were chosen for their ease of use. In the Customer Experience Center, a space to showcase Pavion’s extensive technology solutions includes a Jupiter wide-screen monitor, adding to the immersive experience established using eight RAIL units with integrated CASAMBI lighting control in an arrangement of four ‘L-shapes.’

“A key goal of this project was to provide a customer experience center where we could host customer events and allow our clients to collaborate, design and be inspired in our new space,” continues VanderBrink. “We believe in providing effortless customer experiences and the installation of RAIL within our Experience Center helps us to achieve this.”

Elevating the Office Experience with KSCAPE

“We embarked on a mission to redefine the office experience and to put it on show here at Pavion via a groundbreaking fusion of sound and light technology,” explains Tom Ríby, global sales and marketing manager at KSCAPE. “Since we share the same goals, working with Pavion has been a joy and a journey we can’t wait to share with clients who are looking to re-design their office to be an inspiring and productive space.”

Click ‘View slideshow’ to see additional photos of Pavion’s office in Raleigh, North Carolina. All photos courtesy of K-array.

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