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AVI Systems Expands Velocity Solutions

AVI Systems expands its Velocity solutions to include unified collaboration and digital media for all industries.

News April 23
Collaboration coworking space Hybrid Work office space productivity Sound Masking
Window Office at Office Evolution employed AtlasIed sound masking solution

AtlasIED Sound Masking Boosts Tenant Retention at Office Evolution

A franchise coworking space used AtlasIED sound masking products to help improve privacy and acoustic comfort in the…

News December 27
architectural lighting KSCAPE Lighting Control office productivity RAIL subwoofers
Pavion's Lobby in Raleigh, North Carolina 1 utilizes K-array KSCAPE light and sound technology

Pavion Incorporates K-array’s KSCAPE RAIL Sound + Light Technology At Raleigh Office

KSCAPE RAIL is at the heart of the integrators’ Raleigh office AV system, ensuring consistent sound and light…

Projects November 8
Cell Signal Boosters cellphone boosters Wilson Electronics
girl with curly hair using phone. Close-up

The Key to ‘Boosting’ Cell Communications’ Reliability

Cellular Outlet relies on Wilson Electronics and the weBoost Office 200 to deliver dramatic cell signal and connectivity…

Sponsored June 17
business planning contingency planning Growth Plan productivity scaling up technology Strategic Planning tech stack

Scaling Up Quickly

The ability to properly apply technology to planned growth lends itself to scaling up a client.

News September 30
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