Q-SYS Enhances Production Studio With LG DVLED Videowall

Published: 2023-04-03

After finding success with webinars and virtual training sessions in 2021, Q-SYS, the audio, video and control platform innovator, has built a new video production studio at its Costa Mesa, Calif. headquarters. This studio combines Q-SYS automation and a massive, custom 8-feet-by-22-feet DVLED videowall from Lincolnshire, Ill.-based LG Business Solutions USA. It thus offers engaging, professional-grade broadcasts with uniquely powerful storytelling capabilities.

According to Q-SYS’ VP of Marketing-Americas, Patrick Heyn, the new studio is a trifecta that lowers costs, simplifies production and expands creative possibilities beyond available commercial spaces rented for previous productions.

Need for Updated Studio

“Live webinars became central to our business when in-person events paused during the pandemic. Producing video content at a rented studio space was expensive and required extensive planning and staffing,” Heyn says. “Webinar engagement has exceeded our expectations and with our plans to produce much more video content; we realized if we brought the capabilities in-house we could break even in under two years and gain greater control and accessibility. Now that the studio is up and running, we’re using it even more than expected as it provides even greater value and enables us to develop new marketing content faster and at a lower overall cost.”

Contributing to the rapid success is the use of cutting-edge technologies led by the giant DVLED screen. Per a statement, the credit also goes to the flexibility of the Q-SYS platform; and recognition by employees and partners that the space serves a variety of needs. Previous webinars produced in a rented commercial studio delivered good results and helped attract a more engaged remote audience. However, it required up to 10 people to operate all the cameras, sound, lighting, displays and other components.

Enhancing the Studio

To streamline in-house productions, the team used the Q-SYS platform to control and automate dozens of peripherals and functional routines. This included the huge LG DVLED display. Now, as few as three people, plus on-camera hosts, can operate the entire studio.

“One of the major value props of our platform and ecosystem is its ability to seamlessly integrate with and support many types of technologies to enable experiences. Our new studio stands as a living testament to its power, value and simplicity,”  Heyn remarks.

The perfect complement to the Q-SYS Platform and Ecosystem, he adds, is the 1.5mm pixel pitch LG DVLED display. Its brightness, sharpness and high contrast ratio allows Q-SYS to deliver a crisp, vibrant HD background for every in-house production.

Q-SYS also uses the studio as a tool to host professionally produced virtual events, typically attracting thousands of attendees per event. Furthermore, now that live events have returned and more people are attending trade shows; the team plans to synergize virtual and in-person outreach. They will do so by holding online events before and during each physical event. With this, they aim to maximize engagement and accessibility for dealers, industry pros and end users worldwide.

Creating the Solution

“We need our training and dealer education sessions to deliver a deeply engaging experience for viewers. And we know that a higher production value can be the key to keeping their attention,” Heyn says. “We use the incredible LG display as a cutting-edge canvas from which to tell our technology story. It lets us complement our spirited hosts with custom visualizations that serve to draw the audience in. All of these pieces working together has resulted in an incredible 96% attendance rate for one-hour webinars as well as a 50% attendance in breakout groups after the main presentation.”

The idea to incorporate a sizeable DVLED display directly on the stage came from previous video projects. Still, the Q-SYS team didn’t have direct hands-on experience choosing or installing such a display. LG thus stepped in to help with multiple technicians aiding product selection, on-site installation and integration. Following the inaugural uses of the studio and the videowall; several Q-SYS regional offices expressed interest in incorporating LG DVLED displays.

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“While some technologies today seem to be built for planned obsolescence,” adds Dan Baker, business development manager at LG Business Solutions USA, This studio shows that Q-SYS flipped that by creating a remarkable technology space with planned longevity. This is a great example of how content creators and event producers can use our latest DVLED products to increase engagement, information retention and excitement for live presentations and webinars.”

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