SNA Displays Enhances Viewing Experience at Florida A&M University

Published: February 23, 2024
Photo courtesy: SNA Displays.

Florida A&M University (FAMU)’s football and basketball venues received major video-technology enhancements courtesy of Anthony James Partners (AJP) and LED video provider SNA Displays. Highlights of the upgrades include a new endzone video scoreboard and LED ribbon board at the Rattlers’ Bragg Memorial Stadium and a new LED centerhung at the university’s Alfred Lawson Jr. Multipurpose Center.

“Unlike larger schools that tend to take on major upgrades more regularly, this was a new process for Florida A&M,” says Jeremy Lomax, AJP’s senior project manager. “FAMU trusted us to design a foundation and permanent scoreboard, replacing rental equipment they’d been using and truly expanding their in-house capabilities. The university was able to host Florida’s high school state championships recently, and having the right infrastructure in place to be able to host marquee events like that will continue to pay off in the future. Similarly, thanks to the LED video upgrades at Lawson Center, the arena is now capable of putting on better in-house events and shows for the university’s student body and athletes.”

Bragg Memorial Stadium

Enhancements to Bragg Memorial Stadium came just in time for FAMU’s football program, which hosted the 2023 Southwestern Athletic Conference championship game in December. Here, the new LED video scoreboard is located behind the north endzone of Ken Riley Field and measures 33 feet high by 77 feet wide. SNA Displays and Bumgarner Construction first removed the previous steel structure used for static signage. Then, the team constructed a new three-pole pylon display structure for the main videoboard. Thereafter, Phoenix Signs provided new static signage, channel letters and decorative cladding.

Mounted to the façade of the Galimore-Powell Fieldhouse behind the south endzone, the new LED ribbon board is four feet tall and extends 182 feet. The ticker-style board is primarily used for score, time, and other in-game statistics. SNA Displays also provided a 23-foot-long field-level LED video display in each of the four corners of the stadium. All screens at the stadium employ 10 mm EMPIRE Exterior video display technology.

Alfred Lawson Jr. Multipurpose Center

SNA Displays centerhung at Florida A&M.

Photo courtesy: SNA Displays.

Next door to the stadium at the Al Lawson Center, SNA Displays removed an outdated centerhung and installed a new LED centerhung system featuring 6 mm BOLD Interior video technology. The enhanced centerhung consists of four LED screens and a 360-degree LED ring. Each of the four main displays is 8 feet 8 inches by 12 feet 7 inches, while the lower ring is 2 feet 4 inches by 53 feet 6 inches.

SNA Displays partnered with Eastern Sign Tech to fabricate and install channel letters, Rattlers logos and snake-skin cladding to the centerhung for Florida A&M. The provider also provided shot clocks and other scoring and timing equipment, along with two LED courtside tables, each 2 feet 4 inches by 20 feet 6 inches.

“Working on this kind of stadium renovation from the ground up is much more complex than typical retrofits,” adds Jason Helton, executive vice president for SNA Displays. “From new construction, new foundations, new steel, new electrical and data, and of course, new LED signage, Bragg Stadium has a fresh look and feel for Rattlers fans to enjoy. Florida A&M Athletics took the necessary steps to improve the fan experience here, and it has definitely paid off.”

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