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Published: 2015-10-02

Construction on the Millennium Tower Boston is well underway. The commencement of this impressive new skyscraper begins with the historic Burnham Building. A beacon of Boston’s future more than a century ago, the Burnham Building will be restored to greatness, preserving Daniel Burnham’s iconic architectural vision.

Millennium Partners worked closely with the late Mayor Menino while still in office to ensure that the Millennium Tower breathes life back into the heart of Downtown Boston.

At 625 feet, the Handel Architects-designed Millennium Tower will house 662,000 square feet of luxury apartments, many with views never before seen from a Boston residence. A fluted gem on the Boston skyline, the glass tower will also contain flagship retail and 186,000 square feet of prime office space. The property will be within easy walking distance of historic Boston Common and its Public Garden, and steps away from the city’s financial district.

While construction won’t be complete until next year, occupation of the tower has already begun. Across the street from the site of the new Millennium Tower is the Millennium Tower Sales Center, a single-floor office space where Millennium sales associates invite prospective residents to show them why space in the Millennium Tower is worth purchasing sight, to a certain extent, unseen.


With hefty prices standard in such a luxurious space, it stands to reason that residents wish to know what they’re getting for their money. However, with real estate being such a commodity in this area of the city, it only makes sense to pre-sell spaces and ready them for residency as soon as the tower is opened. This is where the Sales Center comes into play, and where a Prysm Olympic video wall really shines.

A Day At Millennium Tower Boston from Millennium Partners on Vimeo.

“As Millennium Tower Boston takes shape in vibrant downtown, it is gratifying to have a sales center with state-of-the-art technology that helps buyers visualize the unrivaled beauty of their new home,” says Richard Baumert, partner at Millennium Partners. “With the Prysm Olympic video wall, we are able to create an immersive and engaging experience that vividly showcases the pinnacle of urban luxury we deliver.”

The Olympic video wall delivers an impressive 13 foot wide by 8 foot height 4K UHF digital canvas that introduces prospective buyers to the Millennium lifestyle. Olympic video walls allow architects, designers, and brand managers to create and customize unique, immersive experiences that make an impact. They offer an unmatched combination of breathtaking beauty, unprecedented scalability and best-in-class energy efficiency.

Photos: Inside Boston’s New Luxury Millennium Tower

When customers are greeted at the Millennium Sales center they are provided with a username and profile, which comes in handy at the end of the presentation. After viewing a 3D sculpture of the surrounding Boston Area, the Millennium Tower complete and highlighted, guests are ushered to an open space with a lounge area and a kitchen consistent with one they might own in the Tower. The Olympic video wall greets them with stock content until the sales associate bids them to sit for a presentation.

Using a dedicated iPad, the sales associate can then dim the lights in the kitchen and scroll through myriad content pieces explaining the rich lifestyle, entertainment, and dining in the area, depicting artists renderings of the completed spaces and views from various levels of the Tower, and showing off general information about Tower amenities and the history of the project.

“When they walk in there’s an entry mode that has arial video of Downtown Boston the Millennium Tower composited in in 3D. It kind of takes people’s breath away,” says Dean Sawatzky, marketing consultant for Millennium Tower. “They walk in mesmerized and just want to stare at it.”

After the presentation, guests are brought into one of several rooms to go over specifics about purchasing a space. Within these rooms are HD displays running software that the guest has already been signed into. The guest can then scroll through a digital schematic of the building with a list of available spaces.

Guests can choose a space and the program shows them where the space is located within the tower, a floor-plan of the space that they have chosen, and artist renderings of what their view will look like from that exact space. Included is a price range and several wood, marble, and carpet options for their space. Once the guest has finished perusing, their information is saved for them to continue to look over at home.

Sales associates have been impressed with the Olympic video wall. No strangers to the pre-sale of residences, they note that being able to show customers what the space will look and feel like is a valuable new tool. Customers have been extremely impressed with the quality of the video wall content, and find themselves excited to have an idea of what their new spaces will look like.

With only a year to go before customers are able to move in, Millennium Tower expects to sell out its space before the red ribbon is cut.

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