Collaboration Today and Tomorrow: Spring 2023 Edition

While absolutely not minimizing the devastation and impact that the last few years have had due to the pandemic, people and organizations seem to be universally asking a pressing question:

Now what?

Now that we’re hopefully out of the worst of it, what, exactly, should we be doing?

This edition of Collaboration Today and Tomorrow is intended to answer that question with specific action items for the commercial integrator and the collaboration professional.

Everyone now acknowledges that the pandemic produced society-wide changes that directly affect how technology systems will be deployed in out-of-home environments.

This Spring 2023 issue of Collaboration Today and Tomorrow explores the future of technology-infused offices, higher education, healthcare and other industries, focusing on topics such as:

  • Designing offices to inspire and engage
  • Whether AI has a constructive role to play in education
  • Global trends in digital health and how we can leverage them
  • And much, much more!

Download your digital copy today to access valuable insights chock full of action items to help your organization break inertia and lean into industry evolution.


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