2023 State of the Industry Report

Every year, Commercial Integrator partners with NSCA to deliver an update on the current state of the commercial AV industry, examining the challenges that integrators face, the strides they’ve made, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

To create the 2023 State of the Industry Report, CI and NSCA surveyed nearly 150 owners and operators to better understand the health of their integration businesses, as well as to draw conclusions about the commercial AV market overall. This report draws on that data, while also offering detailed analysis from NSCA CEO Chuck Wilson, Tom LeBlanc, and other industry stakeholders.

The data from our survey shows the landscape for integrators appears somewhat uncertain. Worldwide inflation has spurred talk of a possible recession, supply chains are still snarled and integration businesses continue to wrestle with vexing talent issues. On the flip side, however, commercial AV technology is now recognized — perhaps more than ever before—as mission critical to delivering the kind of experiences that people want and expect. That means integration businesses can and should lean into the value they provide, and price their services accordingly.

Download your copy of the report now to discover what the commercial AV industry experienced in 2022 and gain valuable perspective of potential opportunities and risks in the upcoming year.

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