Campus Safety Magazine Launches Parents’ Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe at College

New e-book for parents and students covers student safety, sexual assault, active shooter response, emergency notification, lockdown, mental health and more.

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Campus Safety Magazine Launches Parents’ Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe at College

Going to college is one of the milestones of a young adult’s life as well as the life of their parents. That’s why I have put together the Parents’ Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe at College. It’s a comprehensive e-book based on years of experience covering all aspects of campus safety and security.

This guide, written by Robin Hattersley Gray of CI‘s sister publication Campus Safety Magazine, is designed to help parents and their children evaluate a college to determine if it devotes as much thought and attention to student safety as they do.

It’s easy to find data about crime on a campus. But those statistics paint only part of the picture when it comes to judging safety. So many other aspects need to be considered.

parents guide campus safetyFor instance:

  • How are students notified if there is a shooting on campus?
  • How are sexual assaults handled?
  • Who does the top security executive report to?
  • What kind of access control does the school have?

There are so many questions that prospective students and their parents need to ask.

Campus Safety magazine’s Parents’ Guide contains 12 chapters that cover every aspect of college safety and security. It includes the questions about student protection that parents and children should ask administrators when they are shopping for colleges.

When they compare the answers from different institutions, they’ll be able to determine which campuses take security and safety seriously.

The guide also includes the safety tips every student needs to know so that parents can discuss them with their college-bound children before they head off to school.

Click here to get your copy.

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