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Inside Enghouse Interactive’s Cloud-Based Mass Notification Platform

Enghouse Interactive’s cloud-based proactive outbound platform for service providers is a multi-channel, enterprise notification solution that creates new revenue opportunities, value for service providers and their business customers.

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Inside Enghouse Interactive’s Cloud-Based Mass Notification Platform

The applications-as-a-service market will grow at 21 percent CAGR through the end of the decade, according to Enghouse Interactive.


It makes you wonder what types of applications-as-a-service offerings make sense for systems integrators.

Enghouse Interactive says its cloud-based multi-channel outbound notification Proactive Outbound Platform for Service Provider (POP4SP) solution is a good fit to offer any end user that needs to get messages out quickly.

That includes mass notification emergency communications (MNEC) solutions.

More from Enghouse Interactive’s Press Release:

Companies need a notification solution but do not want to incur capital expenditures for infrastructure, ongoing operation and maintenance. With POP4SP, service providers can offer a complete notification solution to their clients ‘as-a-service’ from the cloud, or as an on-premise solution tailored to specific use cases. The option for hybrid cloud offerings allows for many different use cases and the opportunity for service providers to build a robust channel ecosystem.

Sending value-added notifications to consumers, via their preference across voice, email and SMS text, is unilaterally appealing for business of all sizes and markets.

“The myriad of notification scenarios within industries such as security, healthcare, retail, education, collections, government, and in utility, financial, and emergency services have created a timely opportunity for service providers to meet an escalating market demand,” said Christoph Mosing, President of Enghouse Interactive.

In addition to high usage in asset recovery, there are numerous scenarios that validate the need for outbound notifications, where the value-added service not only increases brand loyalty, but also drives new revenue generation. Retail banks that proactively notify customers when their checking balance is low, or when a payment is due, help prevent overdraft and late fees. In advance of extreme weather events or in case of natural disasters, emergency teams, municipal organizations and utility providers can alert subscribers to potential power outages while providing recommended precautionary measures. In the event of a security breach or public safety issue, multi-channel notifications are critical to communicating preventative measures, protecting both people and businesses. Flight delay updates or gate changes help avert missed flights and travel delays, and notification of cancellations prevent wasted time commuting to the airport.

Meanwhile, Enghouse maintains that its solution can create new revenue opportunities and value for service providers – not to mention their customers.

Enghouse Proactive Outbound Platform for Service Providers is reliable and secure, with flexible deployment options. As a multi-tenant cloud solution, POP4SP offers several differentiating economic and administrative advantages. Service providers benefit from geo-redundant operations and datacenters, from which they can support simultaneous events for clients. Delivered as a service, pricing is based on user consumption, reducing total cost of ownership for both the service provider and consumer.

POP4SP also supports a wide range of real-time and batch integrations with enterprise applications, such as CRMs or contact center agent desktops. Ease-of-use is evident in the intuitive browser-based interface, which allows both administrators (service providers) and tenants (clients) to easily set parameters and contacting controls.

At the core of the Proactive Outbound Platform for Service Provider solution is a state-of-the-art outbound communications engine. As POP4SP’s “brain,” it directs the complex algorithms governing how many calls, emails and texts to initiate, given the client’s capacity or constraints. Clients simply need to configure key metrics around available agents such as allowable time-to-contact ranges and/or abandoned call thresholds, and the POP4SP engine will calculate the outbound contact rate, with real-time feedback and updates to maximize agent utilization while keeping abandonment within prescribed limits.

“In the quest for ‘stickiness’ with business end-users,” added Mosing, “POP4SP is undeniably valuable in enhancing the customer relationship via proactive communication.”