A “MiniMassive” Video Wall Collaboration

Published: 2019-11-12

One of the unique advantages offered by Hiperwall video wall software is the ability to scale to previously impossible proportions. Need a massive video wall with over 100 displays? With Hiperwall, no problem. The challenge? Demonstrating this capability to customers within the space constraints of Hiperwall’s modestly sized showroom.

“Many video wall companies have system limits to the number of displays you can use, typically maxing out at around 100 displays,” said Hiperwall product marketing manager, Jonathan Gieg. “We can go far beyond that, with no theoretical limit to what we can support. It’s easy to explain verbally, but much harder to show 400 displays in an average room.”

Nonetheless, Hiperwall was determined to develop an on-site demo wall to demonstrate their scalability. First, they concluded that a 9 x 4 wall was needed to meet their testing and demonstration needs. At nine panels wide and four panels deep (36 total displays), that’s 17,280 x 4,320 pixels – for a 74,649,600-pixel pallet – perfect for massive control room and digital signage applications.

Using typical 55-inch displays, Hiperwall would have needed a room nearly 40 ft. wide, with a ceiling height of at least 12 ft. Their showroom was considerably smaller.

The answer: build a small-scale model with 24” displays to simulate a massive wall in a small space. To develop this model, Hiperwall needed displays that offered compact size, narrow bezels and essential connectivity features.

“While there are many large format video wall displays available in the market, there aren’t quite as many options for 24” displays that met all our requirements, and had a thin uniform bezel as well,” said Steve Woo, vice president of sales at Hiperwall. “We reached out to ViewSonic for assistance though, as they have a very extensive offering of professional grade displays ranging from 10” to 98”.”

“ViewSonic is a high-quality vendor of display products with decades of experience in digital solutions,” said Woo. “I believe their products add great depth to Hiperwall’s video wall solutions for a growing business segment.”

The company selected the ViewSonic VP2468 24” Full HD monitor with ultra-thin bezels.

“The ViewSonic VP2468 had the size and small form that we were looking for,” said Gieg. “It’s slim and has super-narrow bezels, which were perfect for a video wall. We never want thick black lines disrupting the flow of content going across a wall.”

Using ViewSonic 24-inch VP2468 displays, Hiperwall achieved the best combination of size, quality and value for their small-but-big video wall, which they dubbed the “MiniMassive Wall.”

Mounted above a credenza in the Hiperwall conference room, the 18-foot wide matrix of 36 monitors makes an inspiring impression. It’s an ideal canvas for showcasing the company’s capabilities to prospective customers.

Now Hiperwall can easily demonstrate how their powerful video wall software drives massive installations, like those at the New York Police Department or those at IntelSat – a globalized network delivering high-quality video and broadband services across the globe.

Hiperwall also uses the wall to evaluate their software’s capabilities in a large-scale environment and to expand its scalability testing.

As businesses, schools, and police and fire departments worldwide seek to expand their video wall installations to unprecedented scales, they can count on Hiperwall software to meet their needs. Now, they can easily visualize the Hiperwall solution thanks to Hiperwall’s MiniMassive Wall of 24” ViewSonic displays.

“Together, ViewSonic displays and Hiperwall’s software platform demonstrate the promise of future-proof, unlimited scalability that are the cornerstones of our video wall solution,” said Gieg. “ViewSonic hardware and Hiperwall software are a natural fit.”

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