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Published: June 13, 2023

As more and more of your clients — present or potential — think about permanently adopting the model of the hybrid workforce, with its mix of in-person and remote collaborators, the process of that transition can seem overwhelming. As the pandemic triggered wave after wave of “work from home/return to office” cycles, many companies deployed “quick and dirty” communications solutions for their staff: Sticking up a single, inexpensive webcam in a conference room, for example.

Now that the global workforce is moving into a state of “hybrid permanence,” the technology needs of most businesses — and educational and government institutions, for that matter — are expanding rapidly. It’s become clear that in-person spaces need to be adapted to handle the needs of the emerging hybrid landscape. “Video conferencing is 50% of the hybrid experience, but when people are in the office, content presentation and sharing, scheduling, automation, and control all play a massive role in making a space work for the user,” says Crestron’s Senior Manager of Sales Enablement John Hesseltine.  

As you’re well aware, navigating this new reality requires expert advice — and planning at the very outset of the transition. “I think this process is so important because you can elevate the experience with very basic products,” says Hesseltine. “These types of questions, the customer’s answers, and the resulting solutions can really exceed the specifier’s expectations.” Simply put: Many of those who need these solutions “don’t know what they don’t know.”  

One way to help an organization comprehend just what they need comes in the form of a survey we’ve created: The Crestron Modern Work Readiness Score. It’s a series of questions designed to help the C-suite and IT departments understand just what needs must be addressed. In fact, these are likely some of the questions (but certainly not all) a technology integrator would ask during the discovery process. Using this tool as a conversation starter yields a concrete, numbers-driven result that can help a dealer make the case for expanding or rethinking an enterprise’s technology solutions.  

Beyond that, however, the survey helps create a different mindset for the client: By breaking the survey into three distinct parts — People and Policies, Places and Spaces, and Technology — the results can help a client think about the solutions they need in a more holistic way. Once an organization understands just what it takes to support a truly hybrid workforce, odds are good they’ll be open to hearing about all the various technological solutions that can help them achieve that goal. 

Find more info and access the Crestron Modern Work Readiness Score here

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