Boutique 5-Star Hotel Installs AtlasIED Atmosphere to Deliver Uniquely Swiss Experience

Published: April 17, 2024
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Zernez, Switzerland, about an hour’s drive southeast of Davos, is home to the luxurious boutique IN LAIN Hotel Cadonau. The stunning 5-star modern, rustic hotel features 14 guest rooms, including 11 suites, and is ranked 14th in the top 20 winter holiday hotels in Switzerland in the 5-star category.

Hotelier and Chef Dario Cadonau and his wife, Tamara, opened the IN LAIN in 2010, remodeling a farmhouse in the Cadonau family from 1590. The Cadonaus wanted to create a memorable guest experience, including the right balance of smells, tastes and sounds. To support their vision, under the recommendation of Jorg Steiger, owner of Switzerland-based AV integration company avidec, Cadonau chose AtlasIED’s Atmosphere audio processing and control system to accentuate the environment with audio.

The hoteliers wanted to create a modern, authentic, uniquely Swiss experience. A key element was adding various genres of Swiss-originated music to create a unique but cohesive ambiance for guests in the various areas of the hotel. The hotel had several primary areas that needed music, and AtlasIED’s Atmosphere AZM8 digital signal processor was aptly suited to meet their needs.

Steiger chose the AZM8 paired with an AtlasIED AZA 404 amplifier to help deliver music and create different experiences to eight separate zones across the property. For instance, in the hotel’s reception, office, and Michelin Star-rated Vivanda restaurant, the hotel desired energy and chose Swiss pop music. The Cadonau selected Swiss classical music for the breakfast room, while the lounge broadcasts Swiss Jazz to provide some variety in music genres.

One of the most unique aspects of the hotel is its cheesemaking room, which Cadonau and his culinary team use to make cheese for dining, but they also teach guests how to make cheese. The hotel plays Swiss holiday music to create a festive feel for guests year-round as they learn the science and art of cheesemaking.

Hotel staff accesses the Atmosphere in multiple ways, including through the web-based interface on a tablet that management can take throughout the property to adjust music playlists or volume as needed. Also, avidec worked with the hotel to determine a volume schedule to automatically adapt music volume to changing occupancy levels on any given day. In addition, avidec installed AtlasIED C-ZSV zone, source, and volume wall controllers in the lounge, breakfast room, and Vivanda restaurant to allow approved staff to change music and volume in those zones. For instance, as rooms fill with people, the hotel can raise the volume to enhance the space, or conversely, during off-hours, the staff can lower the volume to play music at a more comfortable level.

“The flexibility of the system was one of the biggest reasons why we chose AtlasIED Atmosphere for the IN LAIN Cadonau,” said Steiger. “With a multiroom property, you can easily play different music, change it at any time, and raise or lower the volume. The flexibility and ease of use is perfect.”

One additional benefit for Steiger in choosing the Atmosphere platform is that Steiger can access the system remotely from their offices in Zurich. With remote access, Steiger can check and manage the volume remotely as needed and respond to any questions or concerns reported by the hotel staff. “By remotely logging in and viewing the system online, we can monitor and address issues without making a three-hour drive from our office to the hotel. Atmosphere saves us time and helps the hotel reduce audio-related service costs.”

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