DSF Chairman Rich Ventura: DSE Is Portal for Digital Signage Integration

Published: March 30, 2018
Rich Ventura, VP of business development and solutions for NEC Display Solutions of America

Technically, Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2018 was Rich Ventura’s second as Digital Signage Federation Chairman – but he had only been at the helm for a couple of months before last year’s DSE.

[related]It was at DSE 2018, March 28-29 in Las Vegas, where Rich Ventura, VP of business development and solutions for NEC Display Solutions of America, could really see how his vision of making the Expo a portal for integrators, software makers, hardware manufacturers, mount providers, developers of analytics … all the solutions providers that create digital signage integration.

Even in NEC’s booth at Digital Signage Expo, many of the elements of digital signage were on display. The manufacturer focused primarily on its solutions aimed at vertical markets, especially restaurants, retail, and transportation and corporate communications.

Projection mapping, in particular, was used very technically to show banners of scrolling text on narrow surfaces or isolated images on shoes in a mockup retail space.

The company also offered display solutions integrated with Raspberry Pi aimed at end users with lower budgets.

Bringing Digital Signage Parties Together

When we talked to Ventura in December 2016, shortly after he had been named DSF chair, he emphasized the importance of integrators stepping up into their digital signage roles. He wanted to get integrators more involved in DSF and close awareness gaps.

What’s important is “education about what digital signage should be,” defining ROI and “setting common best practices,” says Rich Ventura.

During Digital Signage Expo there are plenty of chances to earn credits toward DSF digital signage certification with its Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) program, Digital Signage Certified Expert.

“How many integrators know that?” Rich Ventura asked. “How many are getting involved? How many end users know the importance of having a certified digital signage provider?”

Rich Ventura continued to describe his vision for true digital signage integration during NEC Showcase in New York (see video above).

When it comes to advancing digital signage he says education is the key, but it’s not just the nuts and bolts need to be covered.

What’s important is “education about what digital signage should be,” defining ROI and “setting common best practices.”

In many ways, integrators are the vital link in the digital signage chain. “We really embrace the integration community at DSF.

We have quite a few members that are integrators and we look at how can we help you deliver more value to your customers. How do we help give you the tools so you can define ROI?”

Integrators that specialize in custom integration are well-suited to address each customer’s unique digital signage goals.

“ROI is personal. How do we help you create a personal conversation with your customer about it?”

Here’s a Glimpse of Digital Signage Expo:

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