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Published: June 12, 2024
Image Courtesy of Christine Alward & The Jacquelyn

Since Digital Projection’s first product was launched in 1996, we have worked to lead the industry forward. This has given us unrivaled insight into our customers’ needs as we work tirelessly to deliver the perfect results for their space.

One of the most recent and remarkable examples of this was in a gallery honoring legendary Sacramento artist, Jacquelyn Anderson. Bringing together more than 80,000 works from her collection of photography and sketches, The Jacquelyn includes two massive Digital Projection Radiance Performance series videowalls spanning more than 20 feet in the gallery’s main atrium. There were three main advantages showcased in this space that occur in every Digital Projection project:

1. Customization
Within the space allocated for the two vertically stacked videowalls was also a transparent glass catwalk and a massive window. It would have been a significant challenge to establish coexistence between these two prominent architectural features and the large-scale displays. Digital Projection instead provided a seamless solution by daisy chaining the two panels together into one cohesive digital canvas.

2. Color Customization
Due diligence in the selection and calibration of the videowall components was crucial to accurately depict the hues, textures, and nuances of Jackie’s original art. Our Performance Series LEDs provided the perfect canvas: 1,500 nits of brightness to combat high levels of natural and ambient light, integrated photo sensor to lower the brightness in the evening, RGB 4:4:4 support to maintain color accuracy, and 4K resolution for true-to-life imagery.

3. Concierge Service
One of the most difficult tasks was determining the appropriate pixel pitch for the displays. During a demonstration, the studio team all agreed that 1.2mm pixel-pitch images looked smooth and the details well-defined from both close up and far away, just as visitors would be viewing Jackie’s artwork at the gallery.

While this project commanded the use of a custom LED videowall, other projects in Digital Projection’s expertise could include projection, videowalls or a combination of different mediums. A tenured and trusted display solutions provider, Digital Projection is here to help you identify the right product for your project. We help you make the tough decisions, look good in front of your client, and create something truly unique, inspiring, and exceptional. That’s The DP Difference.

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