Achieving Full Room Audio Coverage for Hybrid Work

Published: August 12, 2021

Nancy Knowlton, president and CEO of Nureva, joins us for a discussion on the importance of audio in hybrid work environments and how Nureva’s Microphone Mist™ technology offers full room audio coverage without multicomponent systems.

Commercial Integrator: How would you categorize the importance of audio in the hybrid office?

Nancy Knowlton: If you don’t have good quality audio, you don’t have a meeting; if people can’t clearly hear the conversation in the room, they can’t fully participate. Excellent quality audio is non-negotiable; it’s like air and water— it’s essential.

CI: Is it possible to achieve full room audio coverage without a multicomponent system?

NK: That was one of our design mandates when we were creating our products. Our audio solutions are designed to provide full room coverage at a fraction of the cost of multicomponent systems; not only that, they go fast and are easy to get on the wall, but they also continuously auto calibrate. IT can manage them from anywhere. Trust me, the Microphone Mist™ technology delivers that and more.

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CI: Could you tell us more about Nureva’s Microphone Mist™ technology and other products?

NK: We offer products for midsize and large meeting and learning spaces. Not only do we continue to add value and functionality to the product through software and firmware updates, we’ve got a suite of hardware products that are under development now. The Microphone Mist™ technology is a brand-new technology, we’ve got multiple patents on it. What we do instead of having a single microphone line at a time, we flood a space with a lot of virtual microphones, thousands of them — our system is listening to all those virtual microphones, at the same time, and picking the right one to send that audio to the UCC application.

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