Optoma Showcases Creative Touch Interactive Displays & Projection Solutions at InfoComm ’23

Published: June 26, 2023

Fremont, Calif.-based Optoma recently showcased its new 5-Series Creative Touch interactive displays and projection solutions at Infocomm 2023. As businesses and schools continue to rely on technology to facilitate collaboration, Optoma’s new solutions provide a seamless and immersive experience for both corporate and educational applications.

In this video, Optoma’s Roland Hamilton and Brian Soto take a closer look at the features of the Creative Touch interactive displays and projection solutions, as well as Optoma’s partnership with Mosaic.

5-Series Creative Touch Interactive Displays

Optoma’s 5-Series Creative Touch interactive displays come in 65, 75, and 86-inch diagonals and feature 4k UHD resolution, 40 touchpoints, 20-Watt stereo speakers, and compatibility with various operating systems. According to Hamilton, these interactive display can function like large Android tablets. The displays also have optional i5 and i7 slot PCs, which can turn them into Windows 10 or 11 all-in-ones. With QR code scanning for Google sign-on, loading Google Drive and classroom content is quick and easy. ‘

Additionally, Optoma has launched Creative Board Web for remote web interface access. Optoma Management Suite (OMS), available in local and cloud-based versions, helps manage and optimize interactive displays according to users’ needs. A three-month free trial with Mosaic, an interactive educational software platform with 3D content and pre-developed lessons, is also offered.

Projection Solutions

Optoma’s projection solutions include three Ultra-Bright Series projectors with blending and warping capabilities, offering flexibility when it comes to projection angles and sizes. During Infocomm 2023, Optoma showcased a green initiative with a tree projection, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The Nano 6 image processor, introduced at the event, provides automatic warping and blending capabilities for seamless projection. Optoma’s two series of projectors, ZU920T and ZU920TST, provide short-throw and standard-throw capabilities.

Moreover, the brand has introduced the eco-friendly ZH450 short-throw projector, with a compact design ideal for small spaces.

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