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Published: 2024-01-17

Whether your company specializes in AV integration, security integration or both, the chances are good that you spend a lot of time thinking about delivering outstanding client outcomes. But it’s equally important for business owners to consider how to grow revenue efficiently. And that’s where, an Atlanta-based billing and back-office software platform provider, really shines.

Founded in 2002, the company’s humble beginnings centered on serving a few telecommunications channel providers. However, in recent years, has responded to convergence within the technology service market and the more traditional security and technology integration channel by widening its aperture to serve a broad range of service providers, MSPs and integrators. In parallel, grew its core competencies. According to Patrick Elliott, vice president of marketing, “At this point, we offer solutions in billing, customer management, professional services automation, payment processing, analytics and other associated features.”

In the paragraphs that follow, we’ll examine how’s July 2023 acquisition of Tigerpaw Software helped empower the organization to offer transformative benefits to security integrators, alarm companies, AV installers, managed print providers and MSPs. We’ll also dive deeply into’s compelling value proposition for integrators and other channel providers. “Our goal is to offer the most complete quote-to-cash and business management offering that really helps all these different types of providers better serve their customers and manage every part of their operations and back office in a streamlined fashion,” Elliott declares. Acquires Tigerpaw Software

Throughout its history, has sought to expand its platforms from a software-development standpoint. (Indeed, right now, upwards of half of their organization works on the product and technical side.) But, especially in recent years, has also looked for companies to acquire, aiming to leverage the strength of best-in-class platforms. Naturally, that made Tigerpaw — a company renowned for its professional services automation (PSA), customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) platform — uniquely appealing to “Tigerpaw is, by far, the most transformative acquisition we’ve ever had,” Elliott enthuses. “It opens up, we think, tens of thousands of more potential clients for our offerings.” What’s more, enfolding Tigerpaw’s 60-plus colleagues into, thus bringing the organization to over 180 team members, represents a down payment on innovation yet to come. “We’ve got a lot of brain power behind the maintenance [and] ongoing roadmap development of the system,” Elliott declares.

One of the biggest stories around the Tigerpaw acquisition is rebranding and enhancing the Tigerpaw One software platform as PSA, the company’s full operations management and back-office software. According to Elliott, it can “…help a client realize their opportunities from a growth standpoint.” What’s more, the platform gives integrators a framework for creating and managing a pipeline to ultimately reach the sale itself. The system boasts full CRM functionality — pre-sales and post-sales — to make it dramatically easier to communicate with prospects and customers alike, while also monitoring whether your efforts were effective. The platform also speaks directly to integrators’ need to streamline field operations. “We think about field operations as the intersection of your team members, your materials and your time,” Elliott explains. A tool like PSA empowers integrators to know who’s working a job, what they need, where they need to be and when. logo is currently creating a completely seamless, two-way integration between billing and PSA. Logo courtesy of


And when it comes to PSA, the offering formerly known as Tigerpaw One is on track to get even better. For example, is currently creating a completely seamless, two-way integration between billing and PSA. “[Integrators] can get the best of what the PSA system offers and the best of what our Billing platform offers,” Elliott says. Moreover, the company plans to create an enhanced web portal experience for PSA while, simultaneously, advancing plans to go “next generation” on their field-service app. It’s an opportunity, Elliott says, to deliver an enhanced PSA experience for those using their mobile phones out in the field. Helps Integrators Grow Revenue Efficiently’s acquisitions and ongoing enhancements all serve the same goal: helping clients grow revenue efficiently. That mission — central to every move makes — is worth exploring. Most business owners know that growth solves lots of business challenges. However, growth at any cost is neither wise nor sustainable. As a partner, seeks to enable its clients to wean off homegrown systems, automate manual processes, and get things done more efficiently from a back-office standpoint, without necessarily having to add staff. “Part of the way we’re able to help companies grow revenue efficiently is getting people off the swivel chair between systems, which really wastes a lot of time unnecessarily,” Chelsea Babin, content marketing manager, adds. “You’re getting them into a more centralized and focused [situation].” This, in turn, allows team members to add more value and contribute more to overall revenue.

Elliott and his team compellingly argue that there’s a subtle difference between being great at selling and being great at realizing the benefits of those sales. Channel partners can experience a gap there — a situation termed “revenue leakage.” Whether your company is not calculating revenue effectively, not putting together complete bills, falling behind in collections, or not accounting for the the right taxes, Elliott says, “You’re at risk of not optimizing your revenue [and] overspending per dollar of marginal revenue from sales.” Partnering with puts integrators and other channel providers in prime position to realize the full financial benefits of the growth that they’re experiencing.

And “partnering” is, indeed, the key term here. “How we engage with our clients makes us more than a software vendor,” Elliott declares. The team has an abiding knowledge that, these days, integrators and service providers are really trying to manage it all, and they need help operationally from a vendor they can trust. That knowledge motivates Elliott and the entire team to give those channel providers a hand up. and its Key Differentiators

Software is increasingly coming to the fore among integrators looking to optimize not only their projects but also their businesses. The question then becomes what differentiates one software vendor from another. “Multiple times per year, we have business reviews with our clients to understand where they are as a company,” Elliott says, underscoring’s commitment to deep engagement. “We ask them how it has been going using our system. We learn what they’re trying to achieve that we can help them with.” reflects this client-centricity not only in its multi-tier support offering but also in its onboarding and account management functions. “We offer more proactive support to clients with these teams,” Elliott enthuses. By leveraging an active, onshore support operation, promises proactive outreach from a team whose members understand your business, comprehend your challenges and want to help you reach your goals. And on the topic of working better, we’d be remiss not to mention’s intentionality in creating highly configurable software. “Clients might want to have nuances with their bills that we’re able to set up for them,” Elliott continues. He adds, “From the time you sign the contract to your activation and beyond, you’re going to experience a very proactive and personal touch.”

Serving Those Who Make it Happen

If you ask Elliott,’s greatest duty is to serve the integrators and channel providers who are out there in the trenches every day, making things happen. “We believe, in many ways, [these small business owners] have been underserved,” he laments. “Who’s out there advocating for them and making sure that they have the solutions they need?” The answer is, an organization that has nurtured a strong, recognizable, highly respected brand by continually reinvesting not only in its clients but also in itself.

“[We exist] to support so many of these tens of thousands of businesses that are out in the field making it happen,” Elliott declares. “We have the resources to make a great product; we’re dedicated to providing five-star service; and we’re looking to be growth partners for the future with integrators.”

And that’s only fitting. Because, after all, efficient growth is the mission.

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